summer approaches

just some recent sights & treats that are so far epitomizing my upcoming summer dining in Portland, despite my rainboot wearing yesterday:

What means summer in this city.

Chocolate chip cookies with fresh mint, for a friends' sunny BBQ. Equally as exciting as fresh mojitos?

Sunnyside, SE. The annual brightening (painting) of the mural has a soft spot in my heart, as I spent my first few years in Portland residing around the corner.

Pretend there are five farmers markets pictured right here, okay?

Technically, it sprinkled outside when I was eating this soft serve from Back to Eden Bakery. Therefore, that slightly makes up for my surprising lack of sprinkles. What was I thinking!? I hadn't tried the soft serve since this adorable place opened (which recently & magically just expanded its seating), and it was very creamy and far less super sweet than I remembered. Woo, Chicago Soy Dairy!

Please excuse that I'm about to say this, but pizza is always in season: Sizzle Pie rabbit salad & No Conditions vegan slice, $6. Old German tallboy $2.50. Cue lower East Burnside people watching. This is the one place I will eat (sparing amounts of) the D-cheese.

One of the best parts of near summer so far: Panda Ballz aka the cutest panda candy I have ever seen, a prize courtesy of Ballin' and Baggin'

7 thoughts on “summer approaches

  1. Those cookies do sound great! I must say though, anything would sound great once I saw the picture and was like “That can NOT be seaweed. PLEASE do not be seaweed.”

    • hi matt!

      it’s the chocolate chip cookie recipe from Vegan Cookies Take Over the World. I subbed a little creme de menthe for the milk and added a handful of chopped fresh mint. enjoy!


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