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censored cake

What happens on your neighborhood lounge's back patio stays on your neighborhood lounge's back patio?

I have a sneaking suspicion that Jeff and Maeve, the dear friends and culinary artists behind what’s coming below, knew this cake would be censored in order to ease up on decorating costs.

Inside the box lies my custom-designed, 28th birthday cake, emblazoned with a hilarious and offensive in-joke, and the most thrilling trio of maple, pretzel & peanut butter that has ever existed (to me, anyway). I doubt it could ever happen again, unless Evan was involved.

It was amazing, and I was joking earlier about the decor, because I thought it was all fantastic! I hadn’t seen a cake this exciting since my sophomore year of college and the Alec Baldwin-penis cake from Sweet-N-Nasty bakery. A positive, maturing night to remember, nearly a decade before.

The big semi-reveal:

Maple. Pretzel. Peanut Butter. Any guesses?

Friends. Portland. Vegetable Gifts. Vegan Cake. Love ‘em.

p.s. Naturally, I went to Portobello for dinner on my birthday and swooned over pan-fried gnocchi with summer squash. It’s a Portland vegan tradition.

Candy Cane Layer Cake Construction

Frankly, I’ve made prettier cakes, but I think this one is the awesomest.  Toot toot!

candy cane layer cake

It had been too long since I’d made a complete layer cake.  I was out of practice, but having a blast with every step involved, surely on a high from inhaling peppermint candy dust.

There’s nothing like a homemade cake, and I am so proud of this very, very homemade creation.  I was set on taking a holiday layer cake to an Xmas Gathering, and inspired by the internet and my friend Esme (the Vegan Propamanda), Candy Cane Layer Cake was born.  Three layers, because two are boring to look at.

Construction: There were two chocolate mint layers, one light vanilla mint, vanilla peppermint buttercream and crushed peppermint candy and dusted cocoa powder as garnish.  I minted it up with Trader Joe’s organic peppermint extract and a fair share of the last of my precious supply of Vitasoy Chocolate Peppermint Soymilk, as well as So Delicious coconut milk.  The cake layers were based on the recipes for basic chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World.  Each recipe makes one cake layer’s worth.  The frosting is a double batch of the Fluffy Buttercream, plus peppermint extract.

Not so pretty…but pretty awesome.

candy cane layer cake

Attacked at the Xmas Party:

new 013

I’m pretty sure there are still leftovers and children in dangerous, yet refreshing sugar comas.