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Brooklyn for the Holidays, A Photo Essay

Brooklyn for the Holidays on Get Sconed!

Vegan eats, sister-time & budget travel: a week in Brooklyn, NY for the holidays Continue reading

Hashtagging the Hiatus: Scenes from Cambodia & Thailand


Are you curious about this so-called “Hiatus, Hiatus” that’s being referenced? Perhaps, you don’t have an Instagram account…or, you’ve found yourself wishing you could see all of Jess and Julia’s Instagram photos from their travels in one place but are slightly too lazy or not creepy enough to figure it out?
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Jet Lag & Autumn Leaves

Jet Lag on Get Sconed!

Touching base after the grand hiatus, from deep in Portland’s Autumn….I don’t remember much about our first morning back, after a dear friend dropped us off back home. We unpacked a little, hugged our gigantic cats, and after briefly debating passing out or if either of us had the energy to walk down the street to New Seasons, I hobbled into the kitchen, sliced garlic in what felt like slow motion, grabbed some dried chili peppers, and put on some water to boil for the capellini I spotted above the fridge in the pasta jar. Continue reading

Special Guest: Meet Spike

Since I was busy elsewhere during MoFo month, I asked some special friends to help out over here. We’re a little behind schedule now, but I’d like to make an important exception for Senior Fluffypants, I mean, SPIKE, who has a whole lot to say about nooch, organic ‘nip and living with a diva roommate…

Guest Post: Spike

Friend: Luciana, It’s Raining Kale

Hey there,

I’m Spike.
I live in Maryland with my sister Sugarpaws (aka Twinkletoes, Sweetie Pie, aka WHATEVER), a couple of humans, and one diva of a dog.

I'm pretty sure she picked this out herself.

The humans and dog spend a lot of time outside. We went out there once, it’s nothing special. I don’t know why they’d want to go out there when there are perfectly good places to scratch, roll around, and sleep in the house. Plus, the catnip is organic, and it is awe-some.


My mom keeps buying these weird toys, but I’d much rather play with pieces of wicker I break off from the laundry basket, random leaves that make their way into the house, or my absolute favorite–broccoli soccer.  I can tell mom likes it too, because she gets all excited and starts clapping when she finds us playing it in the kitchen. Mostly I just like hanging out.
My favorite food is nutritional yeast. It’s extra tasty on toast and Popcorn, but our mom saves the last corner of her toast so we can grab it from her plate. The toast part is kind of meh. We usually leave that on the carpet or just chase it around.Tortilla chips are also pretty good–nice and salty, but kale and houseplants are delicious. I’d give them five paws each, but I only have four.
I love it when bags of people food come in the house because it means we get to nibble on fresh green leaves! Sometimes I also like a few bites of the dog’s food. It’s okay, but I’m not that into all the vegetables. It is in nice little pieces, though.

My sister is pretty cool, but she is really, really interested in the humans. She loves rolling around on them, getting them to pet her and stroke her with that insane looking thing they call a brush. Get this–sometimes she even spends hours sleeping on them! Whatever shakes her catnip–I guess.

Who does this?!

Don’t get me wrong, I like hanging in the room with my mom, but I prefer lounging under the coffee table and catching an occasional toe to nibble on. When I get too close, mom tries to brush me, hug me, or starts speaking in this ridiculous voice and calling me “Senior Fluffypants.” Do I look like a Fluffypants? I like hanging with her, but something about that lady is just not right. I do let her scratch me behind the ears now and then, but only when I feel like it.

Sophisticated, so very sophisticated.

Now, let me tell you about this dog. She barks a lot and is always trying to sniff our tails. What a weirdo! Sometimes she’ll chase us, then scream, turn around, and run the other way. I’ve never even shown her my claws, so I do not know what her damage is. You didn’t hear this from me, but I’ve even seen her taking joyrides when the humans leave the house.
I keep thinking they’ve gotten rid of her, but the one with the deep voice keeps bringing her back. I tell you what, I am tired of sharing my house with this whiny little b…uh-oh, I gotta run, my mom is back and I’m not supposed to be using the internet without permission. If she asks, I was sleeping the whole time.

Zelda: Life with Greens

Since I was busy elsewhere during MoFo month, I asked some special friends to help out over here. The first thing Zelda brought to my attention, as she started walking across the keyboard to type this out, was my utter lack of a category tag with her namesake. The next demand? Her own month.

Hi guys, Zelda here. I originally hail from a backyard in Brookline, Mass. and I was named when my human pals had a fleeting obsession with a Nintendo emulator back in college. Those were the days you could actually fall sleep on top of computer monitors! Anyway, I seem to have quite a popular name, so I do occasionally go by Zeldarella and Dorito.

Patience, grasshopper.

Back in my younger, feral kitten days, I had a thing for sauteed mushrooms. That got old, and after a brief thing for nutritional yeast, I stuck to my meat cereal until I found something just as special as I was…leafy greens.

Look at the size of the collard greens they grow here!

When we moved to Portland, Jess decided that she was growing up and learned to cook. She started adding the most irrestible greens into our diet: spinach, kale, chard, hell, I was even nibbling the collards.
I quickly became a salad aficionado.
I sniff ‘em out the moment Jess comes home from the five farmers markets she seems to go to per week. They don’t need washing – just throw them on the floor! I will hunt my way through bags of groceries if I have to, and no one wants me to eat plastic, right?

Are these leafy greens? I think not.

-At one point, we had a farmshare, and the variety of greens ruled! I’m not sure what Jess did besides take pictures of it, but I was content.

That is, until one awful day….-

Fennel?! Really? Who eats this sh*t?!

Besides that fennel crap, I do consider myself adventurous about green vegetables. I like to investigate any type of greens – sauteed, steamed, braised, whatever you call it. Yeah, I’ll come licking your dinner bowl, but don’t expect me to finish. I want the fresh stuff.

These smelled like fire.

Even though I’ve knocked over every basil and mint starter Jess has brought home (those are false greens!), is it so much to ask for that we have a freaking indoor garden? What type of vegan is she?

My 4th birthday party.

Now, as many of Jess’ friends can attest, I’m the real reason Jess does not keep beer in the house. She’ll tell you it’s gas, or it’s healthy, or it’s because she’s classy and prefers wine and cocktails, but really, it’s me. I’ll lick wine, but what’s the point? There are no bubbles!

I prefer porters and have a soft spot for Portland microbrews, but I’ll drink the heck out of anything made with hops. I’ll sniff out and lick cider, but it’s not really my thing. I just ruin it for everyone else. I’m really excited that Jess’ brother is supposed to come for Thanksgiving, because he always keeps a case of cheap beer in the fridge.-

Sharing is caring, y'all.

Once, I had 4 licks of beer before someone noticed, and fell asleep while Jess read some book about sparkling vampires.

I have fur. Therefore, Team Jacob.

Ah, dessert.

I’m sure you’re wondering…what sucks about life in Portland? Well, I have an awful roommate. His name is Huxley and I think he’s sleeping on a shelf in a closet somewhere. He has no appreciation for the finer things in life.

I thought you may need some more proof of my fine dining skills, so I got this from Jess’ archives:

Sorry, I got nervous on camera!

Thanks for reading, and just remember – anytime you see leafy greens on this blog,  I was there first.

The Mysterious Huxley’s VeganMoFo Adieu

Since I’m busy elsewhere during MoFo month, I asked some special friends to help out over here. Regardless of the fact that I woke up with this cat in my bed, he has a real soft spot for a certain panda friend of mine….

Guest Post: Huxley

Special Friend: Lisa, Panda with Cookie and Vegans on the Move

I am the Huxley, I speak for the cats
I speak for the cats cause that’s where it’s at.
All you well meaning humans with your parcels of food
I am here to tell you what is bad and what’s good.
I sniff at your agar and stare down your roots
But this is not food for which I give a hoot.
You have bags of fine noodles and boxes of tofu
But for cats with a hunger those simply will not do.
Some sort of pasta formed to miniature wheels,
I sniff at the box top but this is no deal.
Half peeled fruit that is orange and round;
I just look away and leave with no sound.
We hop on the table seeking tastier treats
but this pile of veggies is easy to beat.
Zelda is saddened and I’m feeling blue.
Oh foolish humans, what is a hungry cat to do?
But then from the freezer with a hue and a cry
I see what I want with a gleam in my eye!
So crispy and fried, potatoed and hot
All cats really want is their own bowl of tots.

Mädchen: The Girl Next Door

Since I’m busy elsewhere during MoFo month, I asked some special friends to help out over here. I somehow got my hands on this draft of a letter to the German edition of Cat Fancy, and well, how could I not share it with the world?

Guest Post: Mädchen

Friend: Michele, Vegtastic Voyage

What are your turn-ons?
Sunshine, blankets, olive oil—I’m a really down-to-earth girl. My favorite possession is a 10-year-old brush that’s really a dish-scrubber. It smelled weird when cold-roommate brought it home, but she said she just needed to “wash the Chinatown off,” and then it was cool. Oh, and I love books. I can’t read or anything, but I’m really into this lying on them (especially when someone is trying to read them).

Drunks and kids. Their erratic behavior confuses me. I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, but if you come at me all out of control, I’m out of there. If everyone would just cool out with a bit of ‘nip, now there’s a vibe I can get down with. And don’t even think about dressing me up. I see all those fool dogs in their Halloween costumes and it makes me sad. We’re not humans—don’t put your trip on us.

How do you keep in shape?
I’m all about staying fit. At my age, every lick of Tofutti goes straight to my hips. My roommates are great about sparring with me, running around our pad, and they’re way into stringplay. I’ll admit, one thing I was all about as a kid but have let go is jumping up door frames. I used to be able to hit the high hinge with a running start.

Any indulgences you’re not proud of?
I already mentioned the ‘nip, didn’t I? No, you know what, I’m not ashamed of that. It’s an occasional treat, and it don’t hurt a soul. And the roommates get mad at me for eating things like pepper leaves and flowers—even though they’re just sitting right there. But there’s stuff I know I shouldn’t eat: Coconut Bliss, anything chocolate, nooch, potatoes, cookies…basically anything cold-roommate eats that doesn’t have garlic in it. I’d be better off with just warm-roommate; he eats lots of the same stuff, but he ruins everything with hot sauce.

What do you look for in a human?
I want someone who’ll meet me at my level. I just want respect, like any other cat. Someone who tries to pick me up right away—as if they own me—well, they won’t be holding me very long, I can promise you that. And body heat. I love cold-roommate because I’ve known her since I was a kid, but warm-roommate, damn, he’s comfy. I can sit on that lap until the end of time.

Sum it all up for us, what is Mädchen all about?
I’ll steal your water or I’ll steal your heart, your choice.

Yummers Spills The Beans

Since I’m busy elsewhere during MoFo month, I asked some special friends to help out over here. I like this next enthusiastic kitty so much I wear a pin with his likeness on it. If you went to Vida Vegan Con, you know what I mean

Guest Post: Yummers

Friend: Amey, Vegan Eats & Treats!

what’s that?! Do I smell asparagus in the kitchen??

Listen up now, I’ve got some important advice for any of you kitties out there who might be interested in getting in on the People Food action.

just look at all that kale… you know they’re gonna give me some!

It’s Yummers Potatoes here. You might remember me from Amey’s blog. Today, I’d like to talk about a subject that’s very dear to me, People Food. People Food is pretty good stuff… I’ve had the honor of eating such delicacies as tortilla chips, ice cream, and crackers. But most of all, I love the veggies. Back in the day I was into raisins and mango, but once I discovered veggies, there was just no going back. My favorites are the green veggies, like kale and spinach, broccoli and asparagus, and green beans, but I also really love corn, which is not green.

me eating some awesome asparagus!

Here’s how you can get involved in eating People Food: My tactic was to start off by being very standoffish. When Amey and Matt first adopted me, I was sure to keep my distance. Anytime they tried to pet me, I would scamper off. When we all sat down on the sofa, I would sit three or four feet away. I called this “long distance snuggling.” Soon enough, they were becoming increasingly desperate for snuggles, and they started to offer me tasty little bits of People Food to see if they could draw me in closer. Don’t give in too quickly, friends! Take the morsel and run off again.

this is how you ask for broccoli!
check it out – I got them so excited about giving me People Food that they make movies about it!

Once you have established a pattern of people giving you People Food, you need to learn how to ask for it more aggressively. As soon as you smell the broccoli cooking on the stove top, run into the kitchen and start meowing like crazy. This will send the message that you are interested. When they sit down to eat, jump up on their chair, or on the sofa next to them and look super cute. It might be a good idea to meow some more as well. If you are still not getting any broccoli handouts, you will need to be more proactive. As soon as they lift their fork from the plate, stick out your little paw and try to knock the broccoli off the fork! If it falls to the ground it will be all yours!

see how she thinks I am cuddling her, but actually I am just getting very close to her borscht! 

Best of all, those annoying dogs aren’t allowed to have people food, so I get to enjoy my asparagus and gloat over it while those poor saps stand by and watch. Mwahahahaha!

Good luck, feline friends. Stay strong and may the People Food soon be yours!

Here they are giving me corn. Wait! Why did they give some to the dogs?!

Pudds Talks About Food

Since I’m busy elsewhere during MoFo month, I asked some special friends to help out over here. Next up, a gorgeous fluffball that goes by “Pudds”, aka one of the best kitty names I’ve ever heard.  I want to hug this visionary creature!

Guest Post: Pudds

Friend: Lauren, Whoa Wren

Greetings, non-feline and feline readers alike. My name is Lord Puddleglum Christensen III. You, however, may call me Pudds, as my formal name is quite a mouthful. I understand that I am to talk about my favorite vegan foods. My caretaker will only allow me to eat the food that is prescribed to me, a hard kibble poured out of a resealable bag, but when she isn’t looking, this is what I would get into if I had opposable thumbs.

Chipotle Burritos/Burrito Bowls: Ah, my owner’s attempts at keeping me away from these spicy beacons of goodness will someday be thwarted! There was one lovely afternoon where I was able to gobble down a bean, lost from his brothers after he fell from the silver, pronged device my owner uses to move the food to her mouth. What an afternoon that was! Full of flavor and spice and dreams.

Nutritional Yeast: The blonde one who feeds me and cleans my mobile bathroom is always putting this yellow substance on her food (something about bee twelve?) and I sometimes am able to steal a taste off her fingers. I live for those moments, but often settle for a long, relaxing belly rub instead.

Roasted vegetables: I have no specific reason for this, I just think they look nice and smell good. The blonde one eats them all the time and I would like to know the reasons for it. Her favorites appear to be the small, green trees, the tan orbs and the orange sticks, so I assume my tastes would run in a similar vein.

Rescue Remedy Pet: Sometimes I need a cocktail at the end of the day. Don’t we all?

The day that my opposable thumb training pays off, and I am able to sample these delights in their full glory, I shall victoriously report back to you with my full opinions. Until then, I bid you adieu and wish you all the delightful experiences you dream of.