Same City Field Trip: Portland’s Better Living Show & Vegan Village

Check. (The original caption: Fast forward two months, and these vanilla beans, cacao nibs and golden rum will be chocolate liqueur)

What better time to start putting together a recap about a visit to the Better Living Home and Garden Show than a Boltbus with shaky but semi-reliant WiFi out-of-town? I’m now back home and just last night, started a batch of … Continue reading

Thai Heartichoke Preview & Rescheduling

These instagram photos sure don’t belong in a magazine, but I like to think they capture a glimpse of unique Heartichoke Supper Club preview I attended last week. If you’ve been here before, you probably know that I spent a month in SE Asia back in December, and I was stoked to let my obsession help design the Northwest meets Thai menu.

Kefir Lime and Lemongrass Pickled Carrots


Local Choi Salad

Deconstructed Namprik Gaeng Som Green Curry

Coconut Sticky Rice. This was 40 times better than it looks, I assure you.

The full menu:

Heartichoke Presents: NW meets Thai-Inspired Small Plates

Thai-spiced Popcorn

Local Baby Bok Choi Salad with Fresh Mint and Lime on a Bed of Mung Bean Vermicelli, Garnished with Chili Oil & Brown Sugar Roasted Peanuts

Deconstructed Namprik Gaeng Som Green Curry with Roasted Rice-Dredged Tofu, Pea Shoots, Lemongrass and Kaffir Lime – Pickled Carrots, Roasted Yam, Shiitake Mushrooms and Rice Sphere

Fresh Citrus

Coconut Sticky Rice with Miso Caramel and Shuksan Strawberries

All dishes are vegan and gluten-free. Produce is locally sourced as much as possible.

I tried each and every dish, and they’re all so fresh and flavorful! Plus, the evening is a benefit for little Effie, who unfortunately, passed away shortly after the preview. All proceeds will help cover her immense medical bills and others suffering from FIP.

The dinner has been rescheduled for Saturday, July 28th, 2012.

More details and sign up information (including sliding scale tickets) are on the Heartichoke site. Basically, if you care about cats and enjoy Thai food, I hope you’re able to make it.

vegan internetting: Scrambletown Cometh

Let me keep it simple because promotions tend to hurt my brain: Registration here. Scramblin’ sign up here. See you there!

I’m pretty damn stoked that on top of the whole unique and delicious culinary event aspects, my pdxbff Maeve is hosting and dropping some vegan comedy. Hot sauce jokes, y’all!

Image credit:

VegFest 2011

Seriously, best VegFest yet. I volunteered at the welcome table at the first-ever VegFest way back when, found myself flipping tempeh bacon for sampling at the second, and years later, having volunteered, attended and exhibited, I can easily say that 2011’s event was simply the biggest & bestest yet. Way to go, Northwest Veg! Like hundreds, if not thousasands, of other vegfolk, I was sad to see a few demos suddenly cancelled, but that was out of the hands of Northwest Veg, and as anyone who plans events can tell you, whether they’re planning grand festivals or tea parties for ferrets, stuff happens! Anyhow, while the attendance was through the roof – over six thousand throughout the weekend – people weren’t just stopping by to load up on samples, they were visited with a purpose: education. The classrooms were packed! No joke, I went to a demo 35 minutes early to grab a decent seat, and it was so worth it.

I spent most of the weekend behind the Vegan Iron Chef table (so if you saw a dorky gal in a dress with two black braids, yadda, yours truly), spreading the word about our plans for round 3 in Fall 2012, potential Pacific Northwest regionals (and beyond), and begging for volunteers with my awesome cohorts, but I did make a point to free up some time for a talk, a demo and a few strolls around ye olde VegFest, or shall I say, the new and improved VegFest. Aw, yeah.

Some highlights:

  • The people! I saw smiling vegans and the veg-curious every time I looked up from my biting my nails and chatting with my cohorts. I saw what seemed like every single vegan and vegetarian I knew from the state of Oregon! There were plenty of hugs, high fives & VVCers, galore.
  • Meeting the sweet folks at EcoVegan.
  • Even though I forgot to to pose with a mustache, yet again, it’s always fun seeing Nicole & Dan from Upton’s Naturals: the honorary Portlanders!
  • The coconut creamer. There’s no turning back.
  • Chicago Soy Dairy’s kick-ass prices on Teese and Dandies.  The next step to creating my dream Smores pie is merely buying a blowtorch…
  • Likewise with Earthly Gourmet: Holy, Soy Curls deal!
  • Taking a break from sampling and deciding on a Veggie Combo from Sengetara for lunch on Sunday. It has been far too long since I’ve visited the restaurant, and this was a spicy reminder.
  • Two words: GARLIC WHIP.

Some goods:

Simply a portion of the goodies I went home with on the first day.

The view from the Vegan Iron Chef table.

Behold, festin'

Behold, Flavavegan & Steffers!

Can I be Julie Hasson when I grow up?

More festin'

Samplin' the new line of Tempt ice cream bars.

Thinking about samplin' at the Supreme Master table.

Greetin' the friendly ladies at EcoVegan.

Listening to the honest and charming words of Grant Butler. Bonus points for Mama Pea's hair, right?

Bonnie, reppin' for all raw food folks in attendance, right?

Wowwin' at the Vitamix table.

Learnin' with Steffers

And watching kids inspire, on their way to the circus protest.

My monster friend and I were so damn intrigued by this gift from Steffers - this stuff is unreal! Go try it!

And finally, lunchin' on a complete meal - and purchasing the new Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian minutes later from Kittee herself. Aw, yeah!

In conclusion, it’s been the most vegan summer ever!

Mystery Meatout & Hidden Gems: A Quick Sneak Peak

This weekend marks the annual international Meatout, the “world’s largest grassroots diet education campaign”. Here in Portland, the dedicated volunteers at NW Veg and Try Vegan PDX have joined up for a day of activities featuring an open flash mob of vegan positivity downtown, a large NW Veg potluck in SE, and a presentation on Portland’s hidden gems by yours truly afterwards (just ignore the ridiculous description of myself on the site)! I’ve been busy researching and investigating for this dramatic expose, if you will, the past few weeks, and I’ll be showcasing 10-15 vegan-friendly locations in the PDX area that may not be on your radar……yet. It’s time for secrets & hidden gems!

Here’s a couple fairly easy sneak peaks the local bulk shoppers should recognize….

Where are these hallowed halls?

Now take a close look at this fried rice….

What local establishment makes a lemongrass flavored tofu available by the lb?

More dramatic unveiling & favorites coming Sunday night, 6:30pm at the Multnomah Friends Meeting House on SE Stark.

Also happening this weekend: Food Fight! vegan grocery is generously donating 10% of all in-store sales to Japanese Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support groups. More ways to directly donate are on the link as well.

Portland VegFest Anticipation, 2010 edition

There is no doubt that Northwest Veg’s VegFest gets better every single year.  I remember the first one I volunteered at, which I think was either the 1st or 2nd annual event, at the Friends Meeting House in 2005. The smell of fakin’ bacon filled the air, and the guests kept flowing in, way over the anticipated number of attendees, from what I was told. Last year, VegFest moved its happenings  into the much-much-larger Oregon Convention Center. I helped sell books with Isa at The Post Punk Kitchen table and didn’t get to do much wandering, but the place was positively veg-chaos with an astounding flow of attendees. Tomorrow, I’ll be tabling with friends for Vegan Iron Chef, which I’m proud to say is now its own non-profit corporation and has grand plans for the future that are underway. Now, 2010 is the first year the convention is open for 2 complete days of tabling – it’s harder to think of veg-companies that *won’t* be there vs. who will. There is so much to look forward to (in addition to seeing every single vegan and vegetarian you know, free samples, new products, and Vegan Iron Chef’s free pins and 2011 Chef Nomination box!!) – here are some official things that caught my eye:

  • Chef Tal Ronnen and “Who knew Vegetarian/Vegan Cuisine could taste this good?” Saturday at 3pm and Sunday at 4:30pm. The renowned author of the conscious cook and the chef who became a household name after working with Oprah during her 21-day vegan cleanse in 2008.
  • Pulin Modi’s “Snappy Comebacks to Animal Rights Questions”  Saturday at 12pm. I attended his talk with Glenn Gaetz on activism & social media a couple years ago at Let Live, and it really stuck with me.
  • Hope Bohanec’s “Eco-Eating, A Cool Diet for a Hot Planet” Saturday at 3pm. Facts about the undeniably negative impact of animal agriculture.
  • Sarah Taylor’s “Vegan in 30 Days“. Sunday at 12pm. VegFest always packs in a lot of veg-curious folks, and this looks like a wise place to start a new path.
  • Christopher Weber, Ph.D.: “Climate Change and Food Choice“.  Sharing research we should all be aware of.
  • Pete Prasarttongosoth’s “Delicious Thai Cuisine“. Sunday at 3pm. I was under the impression that Vege Thai changed management a few years ago, but according to the info, the proprietor of the short-lived but fantastic Vege Thai cart downtown is giving a cooking demo, making me extra sad I won’t be in town.

And more, and more, and more fantastic pro-veg folks from the Pacific Northwest and beyond, with something to say – including the amazing Robert Cheeke, Chef Al and Donna B, Rae Sakora, David and Wendy Gabbe, Christopher Weber, Ph.D., Dr. Milton Mills, Dr. Gordon Saxe, and exhibitors galore, vegcetera.

Not to mention culinary offerings from Vege Thai, Green Wok, Red & Black Cafe, Papa G’s, Blossoming Lotus, Porto-freaking-bella, and more.

And hey! Don’t forget your official coupon for $1 off the $5 admission.


Credit: Vegan Zombie by dennisculver on Threadless

Oh come on, you know the vegan zombie joke.  What vegan didn’t consider buying that shirt?

Here’s the theatrical trailer, by the talented Tim Kahn, for my friend and horror author, David Agranoff’s upcoming novel, “The Vegan Revolution with Zombies”.

If you have a sense of humor, find yourself searching out unique zombie showdowns, cherish the sight of fake guts (vegan-style), have any knowledge of popular veganism and the Portland vegan community, you will pee your pants when you read this book.

The trailer is just a taste…

The book, published by Eraserhead Press, is now for sale on Amazon and will be sold by David and Try Vegan PDX at VegFest next weekend. Don’t want to spend the $$? Request it at your local library!

As a Portland vegan and zombie fiction lover, I was stoked to be one of the first to read the finished draft (hence the cute blurb in the trailer!!).

Take Note:

the vegan prom of tomorrow: the slideshow from last weekend

warning: the future may be considered NSFW.

Welcome to distant future, where everyone at least looks like they intend to do the robot.

Here we have a few photos and a big, shiny slideshow documenting the third annual Try Vegan PDX Vegan Prom: The Vegan Prom of Tomorrow. This futuristic dance night naturally included a dance off, a best dressed catwalk, the crowning of Prom Royalty for 2010  and an infinite amount of glitter and glow in the dark necklaces.

Dancing into the Freaking Future.

The Awarding of Best Dressed & Crown Royalty Approaches.... Val took 2nd place in her homemade duct tape dress, The Robot Box & Future Cat were crowned King & Queen for 2010 - Best Dressed below...

Neal was awarded Best Dressed for his I-Tux, complete with functional shoes.

The Dance Off Finals. Lindsay (left) took the honors! Lady on the left took 2nd. Much robot, much awesome.

The Freaking Future.

The return of DJs Honest John and Vitamin G

Glimpse into the future…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

big shout outs!

  • the glorious return of DJs Honest John and Vitamin G
  • Try Vegan PDX and all its organizers & attendees of the 3rd Annual Try Vegan Week – the biggest yet.
  • always-awesome co-planner Deanna
  • Michele for her now revolution- & evolution-ary decor skills
  • Melissa for stealing my camera and getting all the shots I never would (followed by a slightly less mischievous Shelley)
  • Portland vegans for being my favorite vegans
  • Glow in the Dark necklaces, for existing

Try Vegan Week 2010: starting this weekend!!!

Do you have vegan-curious friends? Do you want your pescetarian friends to know just why they should go veg? Do you simply want to meet more vegan-minded folks in Portland area?

The 3rd Annual Try Vegan Week kicks off this Saturday with a Bike Rally starting at the Mini Mall with the Radical Cheerleaders for Animal Rights and concludes with the Vegan Prom of Tomorrow on Saturday, the 21st. Tickets are still available!

The week includes many classes, workshops, and talks: all about going vegan!

To name a few:

Check out the full schedule here – many more events and location/time info for the above~

Vegan Prom Poster by John Vincent Lovell

Check out Try Vegan PDX for more information. Consider having a week in your area. We’re all activists, folks.