Cauliflower Cashew Goat Cheese

This spread was part of the menu for the first Heartichoke French-inspired dinner last weekend. It’s adapted from Bryanna Clark Grogan’s recipe for vegan “goat cheese” from this post on Notes from a Vegan Feast Kitchen. The original intention was for just that, a goat cheese style concoction with the incorporation of cauliflower, and nuts for creaminess.  It’s no surprise that internet perusal brought led to Bryanna’s site, she’s an awesomely from-scratch type of author. It really bugs me when I search for recipes and they’re all made with existing products. I’m not saying I won’t consider or appreciate them, but I wanted to make something from scratch. As inspired by Jenn Shagrin’s recipe for vegan goat cheese, I also added vermouth. I’m more of an extra dry martini gal, but I feel classy owning a bottle, and the wine and miso really deepen the flavor.

Garnished with fresh basil

Cauliflower Cashew ‘Goat Cheese’, recipe adapted from Bryanna’s “Goat Cheese” Spread


  • 1.5 cups of boiled and strained cauliflower (cook for 25-35 minutes, or until so tender that it’s pierce-able with a fork)
  • 3/4 cup soaked, raw cashews (preferably soaked overnight)
  • 2 tablespoons of mild miso, such as white
  • 1.5 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon of vermouth
  • 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast
  • 1 clove of garlic, minced or grated
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

Directions: Puree in your food processor. Add a tablespoon of water if needed, to reach a smooth consistency. Garnish with fresh, chopped basil and freshly ground black pepper. Serve with sliced baguette.


Fun note - I enjoy mentioning this concoction to my sister, because she’s a fancy cheese lover and is incredibly horrified by the mixture of vegan+cauliflower+cheese.

P.S. Gosh, look at how easy it is to credit my inspirations, despite adapting multiple aspects of this recipe! Something it would be respectfully nice to see more of on the internet <3

feeling fancy and feeling girly

In regards to Blog Post Title Part I

Well, I still don’t have many photos to show, but my weekend included a lot of feeling fancy – at least some contributions to it. I hid and cooked in the kitchen during the first Heartichoke, my friend’s new vegan supper club, and we pulled off five French-inspired courses & seemed to have content guests on our hands. It was a great experience; the smoke alarms didn’t go off and there’s talk of a Tapas and Basque inspired dinner this Spring.

The photos I do have, thanks to my camera’s 5 second life span, were not from the dinner, but are pretty fancy and productive for the end of a weekend:

Tuscan Braised Beans, The Urban Vegan. With the addition of gigantes beans and fresh basil. Dynise’s dishes always class it up.

First theme, continued:

Herb Crusted Tofu with Mushrooms Marsala ala The Farm Cafe in Portland, via Everyday Dish TV.  As for changes, I baked the tofu, used a mixture of maiittake and shiitake mushrooms in the sauce, and served it over braised beans and steamed baby spinach.

In regards to Blog Post Title Part II

Hey! If you’re in the Portland area tomorrow night and you’re a vegan or veg-curious female or you’ve ever met one or even if you plan on spending the rest of your life surrounded by the XY chromosome and no other, you should come show your support for Melisser Elliott, the talented author of the The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life, at everyone’s local vegan owned and operated clothing store, Herbivore. The signing party starts at 5pm.

Later this week: Thoughts on the revolutionary documentary, Forks Over Knives. Have you seen it yet?

Hey Portland! Heartichoke Supper Club approaches

Here are the details from the facebook:

Date: Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time: 7pm-10pm

Location: Private residence in SE Portland

Join us in an intimate setting for a night of French-inspired vegan cuisine, made with fresh organic ingredients.

$25 suggested donation, $5 of which will go to Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Scio, Oregon. Please pay in advance. Very limited availability.

Menu (subject to change)

Hors d’oeuvres
House marinated Olives in Herbes de Provence
Lentil, leek & herb sliced Seitan Sausages
Mushroom & roasted garlic Pate
Tangy Cauliflower soft cheese
Sliced Baguettes [Little T Bakery]

Provençal Salad with roasted golden beets, frisee, raddicio, rosemary roasted walnuts, and sherry dressing

Spicy French Moroccan Soup with corona beans, garlic, greens, French lentils, squash, fresh herbs and Moroccan spices. Adorned with crispy shallots

French Quarter style Pecan encrusted Tempeh with caper sauce, served over fresh Lacinato kale
French Countryside style Frittata with local mushrooms (gluten-free entrée – please let us know if you’d like this exclusively)
Roasted baby potatoes with fresh sage and smoked salt.

French Carribbean Ginger Coconut custard tarts with roasted plantains

This event is 21+. Please bring proper ID.


Facebook Event

Facebook Page – where you can keep updated on future dinners.

Tickets are on sale as of today. My friend tells me she welcomes groups, pairs and single tickets. Tickets can be purchased via PayPal. Simply send $25 per person to HeartichokeSupperClub [at] gmail [dot] com.


Please let her know your name(s), and if you have any special allergies.

If you wish to donate more to Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary through Heartichoke, please bring cash or send money directly via PayPal with a note.

Thank You.

all too appropriate artwork (sourceericksonblog)

Full Disclosure: A dear friend of mine is hosting this vegan supper club in a few weeks, and I’ve been helping out with the menu. I’d be ridiculously excited about an affordable and exclusive French-inspired multi-course vegan dinner, regardless, so seeing some of the plans (and the talk of candles and all the herbs de provence!) have made me even more excited about this.

Hope to see you there!

Esme Sauce, Soup & Pretzel Cookies

Esme sauce: know it, love it (just like esme)! Cabernet after a highly stressful day & my cluttered table: same goes for you. This sauce just hits the spot – even more so with last night’s addition of chopped sorrel and baby spinach.

from the past couple weeks…

A recent lunch & dinner for days: Tomato, Roasted Garlic & Rice soup from Veganomicon. I’ve been making this in the chillier months regularly since the testing stage, and this time, I added hot paprika and subbed corona beans for the navy beans. It’s served with toasted lavash below.

Hi beans! I was first introduced to corona beans at a Red & Black Cafe benefit dinner a few years ago, and I sought them out recently at City Market on NW 21st. They’re pricey, but a fun, sporadic purchase that packs a whole lot of substance.

Ah, fall. Ah, squash. I roasted this acorn squash in some vegetable broth and added it to both soup and incorporated it into a creamy sauce. The soup was a trial spicy french morrocan with corona beans and kale for the eventual french-inspired Heartichoke vegan supper club my friend is starting this winter in Portland. Stay tuned.

What a surprise, pickles don’t photograph well at night. These were refrigerator style, marinated dill “pickles”. If I remembered what recipe they were from, I’d advise cutting down on the sugar next time…

And lastly, pretzel cookies. I made these to bring to a friend’s post Portland Marathon-potluck-celebration, as a small tribute to his Pretzel Necklace wearing ways. They’re based on the recipe for Peanut Apple Pretzel Drops from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. My first time making them – or rather, an adaptation of them minus the peanut, plus pecans, minus apples, plus coconut and butterscotch chips. Bam.