Keeping up with the VeganMoFo: A Return to Homegrown Smoker

You’ve gotta hand it to Homegrown Smoker. They’ve come a long way since opening on NE Alberta in the summer of 2009. They’ve built a snazzy enclosed cart, have moved SW near PSU, and hearing their daily specials announced on the internet, or even pictured, has become….. epic.

Recently, there’s been the Portoritto with smoked soy curls and sliced portobellos, the ChiliCheeseFryrrito - just imagine what’s in there, the FU Jerk with jerked tofu, the Filet O’Fu with breaded oceanic tofu and remoulade sauce, the freakin’ Clamwich – and on, and on – and then there’s the regular menu, with their famous MacNoCheese, Tempeh Melts, vegetable sides, Coconut Battered Oreos and various smokey proteins smothered in smokey Maple Bourbon BBQ sauce.

That being said, is there anything Homegrown Smoker would smoke and sauce that you wouldn’t want to try? And do they offer adult bibs (or fancy handkerchiefs) with their logo yet?!?

Alright, sometimes things overwhelm even me – I wasn’t quite badass enough for yesterday’s special – but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t support my crazier friends with their intense, nearly unbelievable burritos, my camera, and a stack of recycled napkins.

The SW 4th & College cart pod: home of Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ (mere blocks from the home of Vida Vegan Con in August!)

I swear Jared was also smiling the moment before this happened.

Holy, shit. Screw being caught in a downpour on my way here – because, I swear, this was the best version of their MacNoCheese yet – and the Smoked Shroom burger was sheer awesome.

Some of my favorite vegan food continues to be downtown lunch options in Portland. So, have you got your HoGroSmo on yet?

awesome of the week: Portland Smoothie Co. and downtown vegan carts

let’s get it out of the way that I’ve yet to have a smoothie. this isn’t an attempt at a poignant review, it’s a shout out to a really fantastic, fresh juice from Portland’s newest all vegan cart, The Portland Smoothie Company.

what I did try is their daily fresh juice, and I swear, it put a little carrot and ginger-y buzz into my step. I think I started skipping halfway through my colorful juice.

According to the cart owner, the juice is going to stay the same daily, but the smoothies will be mixing it up.  As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t had one…yet.!!..but I really like the sound of various non-dairy milks for blending (and no ice! bad ice! bad!), including coconut!

holla at ya juice

Portland Smoothie Co.

holla at the veg-cart take over on this block alone!

Sonny Bowl – one of 3 carts I can think of where you can get your BBQ Soy Curl craving hooked up, Bloop! (same cart – I never knew my life was missing vegan oatmeal from a cart, but it clearly is), the wonder that is D.C. Veg.,  and the very vegan friendly, and amazingly priced, Just Thai. oh, and around the corner – Spud Locker, home of massive, topped potatoes from one of the coolest looking carts I’ve seen yet.

SW 3rd

Feeling All American Vegan or what? Vegan Burger and Peanut Butter Cup from D.C. Vegetarian. Holy vegan condiments, of whoa!

DC Veg

Side platter from Homegrown Smoker – the BBQ beans, greens and mac are where it’s at! HoGroSmo has triumphantly returned downtown to the PSU area, check it out!


All Hands on Deck Meal from Spud Locker

Spud Locker

I could go for some juice about now….

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