Holy Crap – New Daily Specials Menu at Hungry Tiger Too

Update: I have experienced Tofufuffalo and thrown down my 40 cents a tofu wing.

And it is great. They have Spicy (Frank’s Red Hot style) and BBQ. At first I was digging the Spicy, but then BBQ won out.  It seemed to be the overall favorite among my friends, but mingling the two was also quite popular.  They’re basically strips of chewy, defrosted tofu, fried and smothered in sauce.  Can’t go wrong there.  Vegan ranch available for dipping! The new sensation has arrived.

Tofufuffalo is here.

After a few days in Seattle, my first meal back in Portland was brunch at my beloved Hungry Tiger Too.  They are unstoppable with their vegan-friendliness!  I nearly jumped off my seat in excitement when I saw their new Daily Specials listing (and of course, immediately tweeted about it).


I haven’t brought myself to eat a vegan corn dog…yet, but I do support the notion of $1 corn dog Wednesdays and occasionally (mentally prepare for the hipster insanity) go for the Tallboys, socializing and find myself with a vegan caeser with tempeh or a sandwich….with tempeh.

The Thursday Tofuffalo wings are beckoning!!!! Tofuffalo to rule them all!

Here’s the daily special I slowly dove into last weekend – hash browns, steamed veggies, tempeh and a whole lot of gravy.

hungry tiger too special

Seattle Restaurant Porn coming next. Really.