My Grand, Tear-Filled Farewell to Vitasoy’s Chocolate Peppermint Soymilk.

There was a lot of talk over the summer about the discontinuation of Vitasoy soymilks, and I really took it to heart.

It was my first ‘favorite soy milk'; I remember buying 99 cent and 4 for $5 cartons of it by the basketfuls from the tiny Central Square Whole Foods during college.  There always seemed to be a Creamy Original in my fridge, no matter what. When I moved to Portland I realized it was no longer the cheapest soymilk around, and I was cheap, so I just moved on, until I fell for the Chocolate Peppermint.  It became a vegan holiday tradition, as did stocking up on the sales afterwards.  Seriously, stocking up.

So, when two of my friends recently alerted me to 99 cent sales on Vitasoy’s holiday flavors at Grocery Outlet, I immediately thought three things:

1) HOW SOON could I get there.


3) Hold me, it must be the final close out…

Shockingly, I haven’t yet run there, but a friend did gift me with a Holly Nog and dear Peppermint Chocolate soymilk.  Have you ever heard of anything nicer?!  A mug of warmed Holly Nog before bed is just…l;ksglfdklfgh…nice.


Goodbye, my friends….

My google skills aren’t bringing any hard evidence aside from rumors on discussion boards, and the company website doesn’t mutter a word about the discontinuation of all or any lines.  The best, and by best, I mean most depressing, actual word was found on the My Vitasoy Facebook, commenting that:

“Unfortunately, due to heavy competition in the US soymilk market, we’ve discontinued our Vitasoy Soymilk in the US…but they’re still in Canada….We apologize for the inconvenience….”

Deep breath.

So will next year revolve around homemade coconut soy nog and Westsoy’s (arguably even better?) Chocolate Peppermint Stick Soy Beverage?

Or a trip to Canada?

Update: Vitasoy confirmed via comment below that their Facebook remark is true, and pretty much, they give their Canadian fans a big hug.