Maizy’s drink of choice…

Since I’m busy elsewhere during MoFo month, I asked some special friends to help out over here. Today’s guest post comes from Maizy in the windy city, and she states her preference for public hydration….

Guest Post: Maizy

Friend: Nicole, Vegan Things I Like


When I am out in the city with my people, sometimes it is hot and I want a drink of water! Human people think that they’re really kind to me by putting out a public dog water dish on the street, but would you people drink out of a public cup!? Those water dishes are all full of dog spit and grass and I know because I sniff them all to be sure. I will not drink out of those – no way! Instead, I ask Nicole and Dan to take me to a people drinking fountain. The proper way to use a people drinking fountain is to stand up on your hinders (your person can help support you so you don’t slip), wrap one side of your jowel around the spout, and then lap lap lap to your heart’s content! It is very refreshing even if people don’t want to use the drinking fountain anymore after you (their loss, it’s so fun!). I only wish that my people would install one of those fancy drinking fountains at home and I could drink like this every day!!

Thanks Maizy, keep living it up!