new teese on pizza

The vegan cheese wars are fascinating, ridiculous, and full of hyped out opinions.

Every now and then, something special comes along, making its way amongst all the passable, or please-pass non-dairy alternatives. Follow Your Heart, Daiya, Teese,  and Cheezly are all brands that have gained notoriety in the vegan community in recent years.

If you’re already rolling your eyes and agreeing with the first statement, stop reading now, because I’m clearly about to wade into the waters.

If you agree, and yet, like me, you can’t resist trying each new one as soon as you can, please, continue.  It primarily boils down to sheer curiosity – Which one is the best? Which one will make your life that much easier?  Which is actually worth buying? Which one will make your pizza look real? We want to know!

Either way, I’m just posting photos of a pizza that some dear friends and I put together, my contribution being the new formula of Mozzarella Teese that some vegan bloggers were sent a sample of:

Pizza with Mozzarella Teese, Marinara by Liz, Roasted Butternut Puree by Bram, Handmade dough by Chelsea, and sliced mushrooms.

new teese

Flavor-wise, I didn’t notice a huge difference.

I admit – I’ve been a fan of Teese since it premiered in 2008. I find it similar to Follow Your Heart Mozzarella, but tastier and a tad saltier. Formerly, Teese Mozzerella used to do the pooling melt thing, but I didn’t see any of that this time.

It was overall, creamier, from the shredding to the softening.  Our dough was beginning to overcook, or else I think a few more minutes would have led to more of the sought-after ‘melting’ achievement vegans dream of every single night.

I have some more left, so I’m going to try again on another pizza, and likely, a panini.  I really like the idea of an insane pizza with a little bit of Cheelzy, the new Teese, and sauteed raab.

I hope at least one of my Daiya-happy friends chimes in with their opinion here (pssst, Chelsea)!

Over all, I’m pleased with it!  I think it’s scary to be anyone but Daiya in the vegan cheese world lately, but I’d prefer it on pizza any day.  Teese is making an effort – and perhaps they can also offer cute bags of shredded soy dairy, because I’d be all over that.

More Pizza.

new teeeeeeeeeeese

Close up:

new teese close up

Check out the slightly cooled look:


Thank you, Chicago Soy Dairy!

In other vegan cheese news:

Anyone else tried it yet?

Check out the new labels coming soon here!

dinner is good: cornmeal crusted baked tempeh

Leigh and Ann’s Homemade Creole Sauce from the Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti spooned over thyme-y, cornmeal crusted, baked tempeh strips. Roasted broccoli with fresh lemon, coarse sea salt and pepper.  Steamed yam with sea salt.

creole sauce, cornmeal tempeh

I had been craving good ole tempeh. The tempeh strips were marinated overnight in tamari and the Creole sauce (so good! such a nice tangy flavor!), dipped into a water and cornstarch slurry, then pressed into fine cornmeal with thyme, garlic powder, sea salt, lots of freshly ground pepper, and crushed red pepper, and then baked at 375F for 20 minutes on one side, and then 15 minutes at 400F – for the crispin’.  Served with roasted broccoli, steamed yam, and more Creole sauce.

In my head, and mouth, this meal was channeling the great The Lone Ranger plate at Chaos Cafe.  Except without the quinoa and kale, since I didn’t have them on hand.  Out of quinoa, I know – not even an extra bag of red hiding in my cabinets.  What’s my life coming to?

creole sauce, cornmeal tempeh

In other news, I had no idea there was a tea store tucked behind SE 12th and Division.  My life has changed.  The intersection hosts the new Gorditos, a cute pet store, vegan-friendly Artemis Cafe, and The Beer Mongers (note to self – finally visit!)

Foxfire Teas: Passion Yerba Mate (drinking right now – lovely), Foxfire Herbal Chai and Charcoal Baked Dong Ding. All purchased by the ounce, loose leaf.

apparently, I live near a tea store.

Tea makes everything better.

Product Review: Higher Taste Buzzitos and Hummus



This past fall, The Higher Taste worked 2 Vegan IT products into their line of Buzzitos: Soy Curls and Daiya Cheese.  Way to be on top of the vegan community, really!

Not too long ago, the Veganshizz and I met at the Vegan Mini Mall and had a grand time, squealing as we dispersed an abundant amount of samples from Portland-based The Higher Taste Ltd. The company makes really popular, wholesome, vegetarian convenience foods.  Nearly their entire line is vegan, with the exception of the Bean & Cheese Buzzito (correct me if I’m wrong).

Their products include sandwiches, Buzzitos burritos, hummus and gourmet salads – some of the latter can be found in the new green Hawthorne Fred Meyer deli, by the pound.  Both sandwiches and Buzzitos are found in convenience stores, grocery stores, Food Fight! New Seasons, coffee shops (including K&F Coffee), and more.

Now, I’m not a frequent purchaser of packaged, vegan convenience items these days.  However, I was once a college student and running around with a wrap, burrito or falafel sandwich was a way of life, and some were…gasp! packaged!  With that, some were definitely better than others- and Buzzitos belong in that category.

I took home my Buzzitos and Hummus from that fateful day the vegan mini mall and will be talking about my three favorites today – Karla will soon discuss the rest!

The Buzzitos.

Ya-Hoo! Bar-B-Q

October 2009 257

Ya-hoo! BBQ Buzzito: This new Buzzito features Oregon-produced Soy Curls, chewy in sweet BBQ sauce, with chopped small pepper pieces, mild onions, and brown rice.  This was the first one I tried, briefly microwaving it, and then cooking in a toaster oven, as per Karla’s tips.

Hands down, this was my favorite Buzzito.  It was the easiest to eat, the best tastiest combination, I dig Soy Curls, and I have a soft spot for new-traditional BBQ burritos.

P.S. Soy Curls are also in the new Fiesta Buzzito!

Vegan Surpreme, wearing its sombrero

October 2009 262

Vegan Supreme: This flavor was already popular, and then got blessed with the addition of phenomenally melty Daiya cheese.  Perhaps if you’re come to my site before, you know that I’m not a big Daiya fan.

I went into this burrito open-minded, and I appreciate the warming melt it offers.  I ended up picking around the majority of the Daiya in it and breaking out my fork, due to personal preference, but I was stoked that I still found it satisfying.  I’m sure the remaining Daiya-tolerant, 95% of the vegan cheese eating population would dig this burrito!

Famous Sicilian

October 2009 258

Famous Sicilian: I have deep Sicilian roots and I would have been very upset if I hadn’t liked this burrito – but I did! Selfishly, I would have dug a wee bit more of an olive & tomato presence, but I was really into the flavorful bites of hearty vegan sausage (not sure if it’s homemade), beans, rice and green pepper.

Overall take on Buzzitos:

A versatile line of satisfying, cost-effective vegan friendly burritos packing more flavor than you’d expect!

I dig that they’re locally produced, using special vegan products, aware of vegan trends, and made with fresh ingredients.

They won’t become a regular addition to my shopping trips, but I won’t forget the Ya-hoo! Bar-B-Q as a special, on-the-go purchase or emergency lunch.  Karla’s tips were key – the just so slightly crisped tortilla and heated filling works for me.

There was this moment of calm happiness the day I thought I forgot my lunch at work, and remembered the extra Buzzito in the fridge!

About Hummus.

Higher Taste Hummus – As soon as I tried their hummus, I instantly placed it as the hummus the Basement Pub serves.  If not, it’s ridiculously similar.  That being said, it’s incredibly creamy, but  on the bland side.  This is nice in a comforting way, especially if you’re not into a lot of garlic in your hummus – which I’m sure some folks appreciate – even if they may not admit it in public!

And once again – it’s great to see locally produced hummus, and I’d be down to try new varieties if they come out.

Buzzitos in Action:

Higher Taste BBQ

Higher Taste BBQ

Vegan Supreme, Inside Shot
Higher Taste Burrito

If you have a favorite Buzzito, please share!  There seemed to be a tie between the new Ya-hoo and Vegan Supreme when I inquired via the vegan social internet machine.

This has been a Get Sconed! Product Review.

The company, The Higher Taste LTD., provided the complimentary products for review.

P.S. I shared some with friends!

Update: There are actually 2 vegetarian buzzitos, to clarify.

Cold salads are also available at Zupan’s, both Food Front locations and Ross Island Deli in the Portland area.

sorta boring, mostly great & a segue

Roasted Blue Potatoes, Golden Beets and a single Russet, with coarse sea salt, olive oil and pepper. Roasted Colors

I’ll take golden beets over red any day, any place, any time zone, as long as there’s a working oven.

Huckleberry’s Bistro style Tofu Scramble with Italian kale, green cabbage, kalamata olives, yellow bell pepper, creminis, lemon juice, shoyu, garlic and spices.  I like this style because it channels the scrambles I used to make as a young vegan, over-relying on soy sauce for flavor!

olive, lemon veggie scramble

Lightly fried rice with broccoli, carrots, Zesty Lemon Tempehtations (in my freezer from an old product review), leftover brown rice, sesame oil, almonds, tamari, garlic and white pepper.  Definitely a ‘what do I have to work with??’ type of dinner.

light fried rice with tempeh

Total Hodgepodge dinner.  Steamed spinach, baked tofu, kalamata olives and roasted chickpeas (loosely based on Tamari Roasted Chickpeas from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan).


Not boring – just great! Lazy Samoans (with even lazier chocolate drizzlin’ and dippin’) from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar

lazy samoans

My recent flickr stream informs me that I’ve been saving money by cooking at home lately!  As much as I enjoy visiting new and old favorite establishments and socializing, I’m part hermit cat lady and have been spending time the past couple weeks enjoying fortunate holds on dvds the library (30 Rock! LOST! The Departed!)!

Isn’t that a swell segue for mention of a presentation I’m giving on this site and Local & Vegan Eating in Portland later this month at the library? Sure! I’m flattered that the library likes vegan bloggers! I’m flattered if one of my friends even half considers going!

Here’s the Multnomah County Library Events listing and the Facebook Event. I’m working on my comical winks all afternoon in preparation.

Product Review: Dominex Eggplant Cutlets

Eggplant Cutlets, Red Wine Marinara, Lightly steamed Kale, Garlic Bread

My experience with the Dominex Eggplant Cutlets featured delightful surprise after delightful surprise.

  • The first surprise was the initial email – I’m always intrigued when companies offer to send me something!!
  • The second was from recommendations.  I posted a photo on flickr and received an immediate recommendation and as I was checking out at New Seasons, both the cashier and woman in line behind me raved about them!  My curiosity rose.
  • The third delight was the product itself  – and my suspicion that the little bit of cheese pictured on the box below could pass for semi-melting vegan mozzarella…

Product Review Coming.

When Dominex, “The Eggplant People”, contacted me about sampling some of their products, I thought they were crazy.  Rather, I thought I was crazy agreeing to this, and frankly, didn’t have much hope that I’d enjoy this product.


1) It’s frozen and I’m often irrationally creeped out by frozen foods that aren’t tator tots.

2) It’s frozen, breaded eggplant – my Italian heart was pounding in fear.

3) Half of their products are vegan, half are vegetarian – and I was curious if the vegan products would live up to the exciting packaging of their vegetarian Parm Bites.

However, I was curious, enjoy a challenge & complimentary, additions to my budget – especially when they’re mass marketed as a vegan natural foods product!

Verdict: I’d buy it again, and I already have!

I liked the Dominex Eggplant Cutlets so much, I’ve already bought them again.  I’m sorry this is sounding like an infomercial, I truly get this excited about things.

Last night, I found the current $2.99/box sale at New Seasons irresistible (normally $4.99, I believe).  I’ve reviewed a lot of products, both complimentary and out-of-pocket, and this is up there with the best of the best.

Dominex also makes vegan Eggplant burgers, but I passed because I’m so delighted with these.   Plus, the novelty of an entire eggplant’s worth of cutlets in one box tops a box of 4 eggplant veggie burgers (that granted, I’ve yet to try, but packaging wise..)

The slices are breaded thicker than I’d do at home, but I can’t complain because they’re fantastic.

Crispy and golden on the outside, require little to no additional oil (if cooked on parchment paper) baked in the oven, and the insides are soft eggplant goodness.  Turn on the oven, pull out a few cutlets, throw together a side or two, and you have a nice, quick dinner.

Note: I have found I like them cooked upwards 20 minutes vs. the 12-15 advised.  Those few minutes aside, these remain an easy, convenient dinner treat I had no idea I ever wanted in my freezer before, and now I stand corrected.  They’ve saved my life (slight exaggeration) after coming home to an empty fridge after a trip more than once!

In Portland? They’re sold at New Seasons and Food Fight!

Adventures with Daiya: zpizza, Quesadilla & Native Bowl

Thank You, zpizza.

The first time I tried Daiya, I was in Laguna Beach, CA and had a pizza delivered by zpizza, pictured above. I was in such dislike with this goo on soft crust that I thought I was being tricked with soy cheese with casein.  This new soy-free vegan cheese had just arrived on the scene at Food Fight! in Portland days before, and across the vegan internet, the hype was through the roof.  And it didn’t come across like hype, there seemed no doubt that this vegan cheese was revolutionary.  New and old vegan cheese eaters seemed to be ridiculously impressed.

It’s been released across the country and added to menus like no vegan cheese before it.  In Portland, Mississippi Pizza, Savor Soup House cart, Whiffies (in a vegan meatball pie!) and Native Bowl are all using it so far.

There’s no tricking to melting it.  It does what it’s supposed to. It comes in two flavors, Italian blend and Cheddar style, and I’ve accepted that it’s the new king of the vegan world. Does that mean I have to like it?  Do I simply dislike it? Is it too realistic, channeling too much Velveeta (thanks Maeve, for that)?

On my first post about Daiya, after grilled cheese trials at home and from Savor Soup House, I mentioned my mixed feelings.  On one hand, this is a melty, available vegan cheese making waves and getting real respect (restaurants, consumers and bloggers); on the other, there’s something about the cloying, stick to the roof of your mouth texture and flavor it gets when melted that rubs my taste buds the wrong way. Yet, I actually liked it raw at VegFest.

Onto the adventures.

Quesadilla with Spicy Pinto Bean Spread and Italian Daiya

daiya quesadilla

I was utterly impressed with the melt action! This was so easy and I wanted to like it. Sadly, couldn’t manage more than two bites.  Is there cilantro in the cheese that’s activated once it’s melted?  I’m joking, sorta.

Lunch from Native Bowl in the Mississippi Marketplace, featuring a grilled cheese with Cheddar Daiya, housemade cashew cheese, seitan  and jalapenos.

Native Bowl

This sandwich rocked the house, but I think I could have easily lived without the Daiya: it’s didn’t capture everything in a melty embrace, and that was OKAY! The other ingredients, fine, working with the Daiya, made for an excellent, unforgettable sandwich.  And pickles! Cookie! Love, love Native Bowl.

Final Thoughts:

When I told people about the zpizza experience, I was told a couple tips repeatedly – there was too much cheese and there needed to be more toppings, and that I should try it again in a sandwich.

So, because I don’t want to be the crazy official hater, or called names and kicked out of veganism, and every so often I can bear and appreciate it, I’m trying to think of this new product like an acquired taste and I’m welcoming more tips! Vegans will never live without the gooey cheese sensation again – you’ll tell the next generation stories about this! The pre-Daiya era.

And if you’re a hater, well come here for a hug, because it’s taking over.

just some vegan shoe shopping

UPDATE: A commentor brought it to light that although the Tretorn boots SEEM vegan, the little strap at the top is LEATHER.  Sure enough, I received mine and it was leather.  I decided to cut the piece off, because I really like the boots and had them shipped already, and I have notified the company of their stupidity.  What’s the point?  Their phone number is 1-877-TRETORN if you’d like to do the same.

Original Post:

I’m as guilty of over-wearing cheap, canvas Payless shoes as most people. I predominately stick to cute & comfortable shoes that I can wear to work  and keep on with my casual clothes or a skirt in my free time.  I’ll admit, Willow Rosenberg was a comfortable, revolutionary style icon to me in high school.

I’ve been hooked on mary janes and mary jane style sneakers since I was a young one, and have a hard time spending more than $50, if not $30, on a pair of shoes.  I’ve sprung for Earth Vegan (loved my Intrigues) and J-41 shoes a couple times over the years in the upwards of $100, but mentally, it’s really hard to do!  But, these are my precious feet, and I need to treat them well. Repeat…and  shop on clearance.

Earlier today, my feet were wet, I couldn’t bear to buy another well, cute, cheap pair of rain boots from Target after mine cracked within a few weeks last year, and I bought these Tretorn Skerry Vinter Shiny W boots in purple from Zappos:

The product description was very influential:

  • In either rain or snow, these playful rubber boots will help lift “dampened” spirits!
  • Rubber upper is perfect for rain-drenched days.
  • Plush synthetic fur lining is warm and comfy.
  • Vulcanized rubber midsole promotes durability.

They made jokes! It rains/mists all fall and winter and into the spring in Portland! Synthetic, warm lining! They’re Vulcan!

I’ll update with my thoughts on this purchase. If you have affordable rain boot suggestions, please share!

Moving on, I bought these J-41 Palm Vegan Slip Ons a few weeks ago:

J-41 Palm Vegan Shoes - Slip-Ons (For Women)

I really relied on my old pair of J-41 Sideline Naturals, with their sturdy, er, Jeep branded recycled materials. The most comfortable pair of durable sneakers I’ve ever owned, and so breathable! I couldn’t throw down the upwards of $100 again, so I opted for the discounted pair above from under $30 with coupons from Sierra Trading Post.  I dig the look and these are great for wearing the entire day, but in line with most reviews, I can see them wearing out easily.  I’m still wearing them right now. Be care with J-41s, some are vegan, many are leathery.

In terms of socially acceptable dress shoes, I bought these from on sale from Humanitaire in the mid-$20 range when I was in California:

humanitaire purchase

Cuteness attack.  I just have to remember and remember to wear solid colors when I put them on.  Really fine to walk in as well.

Now, in terms of shoes on my wish list:

Eleanor Shoes by Novacas at MooShoes There’s just something about these.

More J-41s from Pie Footwear on NE Alberta Street:


These were the one pair of shoes in Pie that I was really, really eyeing.

And a pair of these Keen Erin Ballerina shoes without leather, please!

Keen Erin Ballerina

Seattle Vegan Food Porn! Round 1.

The first of three installments of Seattle food porn! I was  up in Seattle with two dear friends last week for work & play & vegan foodz, no doubt.

In this post, we’ve got visits to Pike Place Market, Araya’s Vegan Thai, Bang Bang Cafe, Sidecar for Pigs Peace, Sureshot Cafe and a couple other sights.

I’ve been to Seattle quite a few times before, and I originally had the birthplace of grunge in mind for my Northwest move back in the day (credit Irene, Stephen, David & co) but Portland won out.  And that was right.  I adore my Portlandy life, but do I like visiting Seattle and becoming more familiar with it.  The journey is just under 4 hours on Amtrak and very convenient!

Towards the photo essay…


The obligatory market visit.  We were staying a few blocks away. Good morning!


Araya’s Lunch Buffet – This was my first visit, and I won’t say much more besides I had to stop working on this post before lunch today because it had me craving Thai food! -Additionally, I have a review written (on the train back!) for Stumptown Vegans – so look for that in the future, if you’re intrigued.

Vegan Buffet Greatness


Katie Jayne’s delicious buffet plate (#12)


Hot & Sour soup from the buffet (boo, cilantro.  oh, well)


Vijjy’s fresh rolls (from the regular menu)


Buffet spring rolls and dipping sauce! And more soup.


Vijjy’s Spicy Mushroom Soup


Buffet Action.


Hotter Buffet Action.


Leftover soup.


I stopped in twice at Bang Bang Cafe -it’s a vegan friendly cafe in Belltown, as discussed on a recent Stumptown Vegans podcast. They’re veg-friendly and offer vegans Tofutti cream cheese, hummus, Seattle’s own Field Roast & have a daily vegan mac & cheese casserole.

bang bang

Vijjy’s grilled sammy with hummus & Field Roast.

bang bang

Katie Jayne’s patient bagel

bang bang

Roasted Vegetable & Bean Burrito from Bang Bang Cafe – with delicious, delicately roasted potatoes & whole beans.

I regret not adding their special Southwestern chilis, but alas..  bang bang

though I will say, this to-go packaging killed me a little inside to be presented with.

Pike Place Market – We stopped into this small market across from the main Pike Place Marketplace because I had a distant memory of seeing an unfamiliar soy cheese there and wanted to investigate. And that’s what vegans do.

We were all pretty delighted at how damn vegan friendly this little store was!

Soydairy section.


Now onto the real vegan store in Seattle -

Sidecar for Pigs Peace

Of course we stopped by Sidecar and picked up goodies, like all good vegan tourists.  I came home with a very good, locally made blueberry&sea salt adorned chocolate truffle, local tofu jerky, Sunrice spicy tofu and something else I’m forgetting.  I wanted to support them & pick up something I couldn’t get at Food Fight!

The storefront

The vegan protein fridge


Mmm, kombucha & marshmallows




Katie Jayne was pretty damn excited about the Nacho Chreese Dip.


I also picked up my two cats a catnip ball to share.


Sharing didn’t go over very well, but Huxley seemed to have a blast ripping it apart entirely.

jess 307

Which brings us to – the pet food section! All veg, with info pamphlets.  For the record, I feed my cats great food, but it’s not vegetarian.


More Sidecart.


Frozen section!


Pizza section!




We were really excited about stopping by the Korean Tofu House a few blocks from Sidecar, to share a vegan special and hopefully super fresh tofu – but alas, they didn’t open till 7pm. Next time!!


The best vegan pastries in the state?


The parent bakery of this shop makes vegan scones.  I got one for breakfast the next morning.  It was a good maple scone, and fresh, I can see it being better than average, but I think Katie Jayne likely makes the best vegan pastries in the state, sorry!  But great use of signage promoting vegan items! I think this cafe had a sign for every single item, it was amusing.


Aforementioned maple scone.


Vegan chowder! My Yelp  Blackberry App kept telling me to visit here for nearby vegan goodies, and I kept saying, silly Yelp, that must be mistaken!  Yet, while we were walking by we browsed the menu and they have a vegan chowda!


Hummus from the hotel restaurant. Woop, dried herbs & oil, baby.  At least it was only $5.

hotel hummus (with dried herbs)

Gum Wall


Did you know Seattle has a famous gum wall?  Well, now I do.

gum wall

One more round of Seattle restaurant porn to go! Featuring Georgetown Liquor Co. (LOVE), Citra Soy Froyo and an interesting visit to Plum Bistro – and the Examination of Seattle Soy Lattes.  Oh, yes.

My Grand, Tear-Filled Farewell to Vitasoy’s Chocolate Peppermint Soymilk.

There was a lot of talk over the summer about the discontinuation of Vitasoy soymilks, and I really took it to heart.

It was my first ‘favorite soy milk'; I remember buying 99 cent and 4 for $5 cartons of it by the basketfuls from the tiny Central Square Whole Foods during college.  There always seemed to be a Creamy Original in my fridge, no matter what. When I moved to Portland I realized it was no longer the cheapest soymilk around, and I was cheap, so I just moved on, until I fell for the Chocolate Peppermint.  It became a vegan holiday tradition, as did stocking up on the sales afterwards.  Seriously, stocking up.

So, when two of my friends recently alerted me to 99 cent sales on Vitasoy’s holiday flavors at Grocery Outlet, I immediately thought three things:

1) HOW SOON could I get there.


3) Hold me, it must be the final close out…

Shockingly, I haven’t yet run there, but a friend did gift me with a Holly Nog and dear Peppermint Chocolate soymilk.  Have you ever heard of anything nicer?!  A mug of warmed Holly Nog before bed is just…l;ksglfdklfgh…nice.


Goodbye, my friends….

My google skills aren’t bringing any hard evidence aside from rumors on discussion boards, and the company website doesn’t mutter a word about the discontinuation of all or any lines.  The best, and by best, I mean most depressing, actual word was found on the My Vitasoy Facebook, commenting that:

“Unfortunately, due to heavy competition in the US soymilk market, we’ve discontinued our Vitasoy Soymilk in the US…but they’re still in Canada….We apologize for the inconvenience….”

Deep breath.

So will next year revolve around homemade coconut soy nog and Westsoy’s (arguably even better?) Chocolate Peppermint Stick Soy Beverage?

Or a trip to Canada?

Update: Vitasoy confirmed via comment below that their Facebook remark is true, and pretty much, they give their Canadian fans a big hug.

see this shot?

pumpkin. coconut. whiskey. nog.

Pumpkin Coconut Nug

Well, fast forward to Monday, and I don’t plan on placing glasses of cinnamon sprinkled nog in poor light, half hidden by shadows.

Earlier today, I bought a magical new camera from The Shutterbug!

I spent this past week cooking and dining without a camera and it didn’t feel right. I had been planning to upgrade for a while now, and suddenly, I had no choice.  My overused, abused, but deeply loved, Canon Powershot SD750 saw its last day during my first visit to the brand new, novelty-licious Slappycakes in Portland, waiting for light yet whole grain pancakes to cook. I am devastated I don’t have shots of the griddle on the table or my friend Emily’s penis pancake….yet! I’ll just have to go with a group of newbies and see their patient delight grow.

p.s. The drink is made with organic canned pumpkin, So Delicious Original Coconut Beverage (love, love), cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, whiskey, vanilla extract and soymilk, pureed in a Vita-Mix.  I brought a pitcher to a fall party a few weeks ago. Next time, a little less whiskey!