Baby, you’ve got a Bad Reputation…

Bad Reputation vegan slice, Caligula Caesar, PBR. It's almost like I'm a real person or something.

Just a quick update on a busy day – the Portland Farmers Market returned this morning (!!!!!!!), and I’ll have a bunch of photos to share from my produce wanderings soon. Adventures with Daiya wise, the slice above featured a bit too much of the beloved vegan cheese for me – overloading the super thin crust I appreciate so – but you locals in the cult of Daiya will go wild. I have no doubt. Just look at that crazy melt.

That being said, eating a slice of thin crust pizza, side salad & PBR in Sizzle Pie is still damn glorious.

Happy (Belated) Vegan Pizza Day from Portland!

This past Saturday, the nondairy cheese industry rejoiced as thousands of vegans gripped their stomachs in post-vegan-pizza-overload. I celebrated (or supported said vegan-friendly industries) by enjoying the greasy heck out of a slice of breakfast pizza at Sizzle Pie, which I can’t get enough, and by assembling some English Muffin pizzas for hungry friends later on in the day.

First up, the awesomely named Drugs Benedict slice from Sizzle Pie. It’s one hell of a unique slice with super thin, whole wheat crust, creamy white bean and shallot spread, fried chunks of hash browns, “cheesy” tofu scramble, bacun bits, and sliced green onions. Somehow, I resisted the call of the Weekend Brunch slice + breakfast drink special, and went for the slice + salad combo ($6).

Drugs Benedict slice and Rabbit Salad with vegan ranch, Sizzle Pie

And we’ve quickly hit later on in the day! – I had friends over and they simply had no choice but to celebrate this Vegan Pizza Day. Seriously, I have no idea if they even knew it was happening.  In general, there’s something about English Muffins pizzas that I can’t stand, but the novelty helps win me over. These mini pizzas are on whole wheat muffins with homemade basil tomato sauce and black olives. On the left is one of the fools with a mixture of cheddar and mozzarella Teese and spinach, and on the right there’s mozzarella Daiya (shocking, but true – using it up from a project!) and as inspired by Sizzle Pie, a cashew pesto cream.

Mini English Muffin Pizzas