soy curls & margaritas

Portland’s had a weirdo summer all right. I blocked out most of the spurts of humidity (shades help), but it seems like it’s back with a vengeance for my goddamn birthday. I don’t plan on doing much today besides listening to Billy Joel, waiting to see if my second sibling remembers to call and imbibing on a refreshing cocktail or two, so I suppose I’ll manage.

The following watermelon margarita, inspired by Lauren Fitzgerald’s (of Millennium and Portobello) “market-driven” mixology demo at the Montavilla Farmers Market this past weekend, is totally in the running for 2011’s birthday cocktail:

Watermelon Margarita test run: fresh yellow watermelon juice, fresh lime juice, clementine liquor (subbed for Harlequin), silver tequila and a sea salt & cayenne rim

Learning how to make cocktails at the Montavilla market with the lovely Lauren Fitzgerald and her assistant.

Speaking of markets, I hit up three over the Labor Day weekend. This mini haul is from the Hollywood market, with a couple of bonus additions and the Sunny Day Farms zine for inspiration. Come to me, heirloom tomatoes!

My weekend also included a long-awaited date with the Flavor Vegan over cocktails and dinner at Sweet Hereafter.

I’ve caught myself joking more than once about how Soy Curls are so three, if not four, years ago, and I take it back.

The Buffalo Sub at Sweet Hereafter changes everything. It features hot soy curls, lettuce, tomato, tangy ranch dressing and creamy miso chive cheese in a crusty baguettewich (yeah, I said that) and blows every other tasty option I’ve tried at this bar away. Plus, you know, Chelsea is adorable, and we got to catch up on life and that con thing.

 Sazerac & Buffalo Sub from Sweet Hereafter: There’s a Soy Curl revolution in my life.

On-wards, Sweet Hereafter

The following photos are from opening week at the Sweet Hereafter (3326 SE Belmont), opened by the folks behind NE Alberta’s beloved Bye & Bye.  I reckon you arrive early (really really), grab a seat, pick out your tofu or Soy Curls, and order something in a mason jar, while I wonder why the heck I moved south of Belmont again.

The North Williams: now refreshing folks in 2 quadrants.

The Steve Martin, with jerk tofu, kale slaw, miso mayo & pineapple.

Edamame Mushroom Burger, Chips & Salsa, Potato Salad

Jerk Bowl

Surely, you won't be departing with this look on your face.

Check out the rest of the food menu here (via PDX Pipeline).

With full front windows letting in light and a joyously non-smoking back patio, this is clearly the place to be this summer. Jinxing is impossible.


Shameful plug: I’ll be discussing Portland’s endless vegan options and the importance of a vegan community this upcoming Wednesday night during Try Vegan Week here.