parking lot motivation & nachos in Costa Mesa

A few motivational parking space shots from The Camp in Costa Mesa, CA.

Appropriate, even if I arrived via public transportation (big high-five, google maps on a smartphone! you make life better) and as a stubbornly proud non-driver who fears cars, found myself cursing most vehicles on a regular basis throughout my trip. Really, that’s nothing new.

The first spot that touched my heart:

I would randomly park  here.

Right on.

I could nap here.

I have, I promise!

I do! If you don’t, I have a half hour rant about to begin that includes vomitting on you.

and then I remembered I have a short attention span, so onto the site….

The Camp:  home of sporting goods, alternative goods, hippie goods, and most importantly, the Native Foods yurt. I was hoping to pick up another pair of shoes at Humanitaire, but they’ve moved to Santa Monica since my last visit, and I didn’t make it there in LA.

I had gone last year with my friend Joni, fell head over heels for a ranch chicken & veggie bowl and fancypants rose petal cupcake, and returned for another visit on my OC adventures this past month.

Inside the Yurt.


Behold! The Native Foods Nachos. I make a point to opt for dishes I wouldn’t typically order while on vacation, and this was one, since I can be so damn picky about Mexican food with my distaste for onion pieces and utter hatred of cilantro. They subbed parsley! More details on the SV travel piece soon.

And because I never actually posted it, last year’s Soul Bowl:

I know, right?

Coming Soon: more travel tales from Washington and California, Portland happenings (like the fact there is a food cart lot with a stupid name but exciting carts coming ten blocks from my apartment), Vida Vegan developments, VeganMoFo in November, Heartichoke, and —-  cooking! I learned that slow roasting tomatoes just may be the perfect way to welcome sad-season tomatoes, and myself, into the chillier months.