Apple Butterscotch Pie, Diners & American Vegan Kitchen

apple pie, meet the no longer so elusive vegan butterscotch chips. thanks to Tamasin, you’re going to be great friends.

Apple B'scotch

I had a hard time deciding what to make first from Tamisan Noyes’ diner-themed American Vegan Kitchen cookbook.  Rather, I had a hard time getting her amazing-sounding Battered Avocado Wedges out of my head, and as it is, the book’s theme offers so many possibilities!

Diners were a big part of my younger years and the default place to go…after anything. After your sister’s dance recitals, Little League games where my team probably lost, awful school plays, late nights with friends where we’d obsess over the tabletop jukebox over crappy coffee and french fries.  Years later, we’d return and sneak in Silk French Vanilla Creamer and really live it up.  Before that, I probably drank as many vanilla eggcreams as I did water. And frankly, I think my grandparents were part of a try-every-single-diner-in-a-two hour radius association.  I started to count on the NYDiners website and stopped focusing after scrolling by 80…which reminds me that the best facebook group I’ve ever joined just may be The Oconee East Diner Needs More Decorations and American Flags. Just saying.

Back to American Vegan Kitchen – It was seriously difficult getting the Battered Avocado Wedges out of my head. I flipped through the soups and entrees and started leaning towards the Cinnacrunch Muffins, yet my desire for avocado was still there –  though I was trying to not go for such a guilty pleasure. After a cold shower, I realized pie could win this one, and decided on the Apple Butterscotch pie.  I made it this weekend for an Easter-ish gathering at a friend’s and it seemed to be a hit.  I am quite a fan of the bit I tried before I left, and  was told it was all gone later on!

No shocker.  Remember what I said about apple pie and butterscotch chips?  They’re just so cute together!

Apple Butterscotch Pie from American Vegan Kitchen

Apple Butterscotch Pie

FYI: Vegan Butterscotch Chips are sold at Price Chopper supermarkets in the New England area..  So, they’re really margarine-sugar-chemical chips.  One I’m saying is…buy them! Or be really nice to your friends who are around these stores.  I heart my friends who share them.

And I bet if I ask my friends to come over to share Battered Avocado Wedges, they totally would. Hint hint.