Starbucks Soy Frappucinos: An Excuse to say FrappHapp.

Let’s start with this:

Goodbye frapp, hello ice…

Picture 004

Soy Coffee Frappucino: The Flashback

Long ago…

Picture 002

Is this a dream?


Starbucks has really had their eye on the vegan market this past year. This winter, they added Lucky’s Cookies into the majority of the national shops. This May, it’s been the dawn of the soy frappucino with the re-organization of their menu set-up.

Have you been vegan so long that you can’t imagine why vegans are excited about this socially acceptable, anytime dessert?

It’s crazy, you’re right, but it’s also a gigantic step for the main-stream acceptance of vegan kind. If you care about that type of thing.

As for the Coffee frappucino above, I can tell you that this is something that tastes like the lovechild of a Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Coolatta (oh, apparently now officially Iced Lattes) blended with ice, soymilk, and whatever a muli-layer Starbucks candy bar will one day be.  I’m thinking a cross between a Milky War, and well, a frappucino.

I was also given a sample a of the sweet, creamy Soy Strawberries & Cream.  Can you say strawberry milkshake? Nothing beats Sip, but it’s nice and bizarre to know that if I really want one, I can walk into anymore Starbucks and order this, or a damn frapp if I just can’t handle the thought of immediate coffee without ice, sugar, and nondairy milk. Even more nice & bizarre was walking by a Starbucks and being able to accept a sample.

I was waiting to post about this strange but welcome leap for vegan kind until a friend and I put a certain plan into fruition (hint: it involves decadence), but we’ve been busy and it’s the last day of the 1/2 price Frapp Happ. Hard to believe they didn’t use that fun phrase in their marketing campaign, I know.

So! If you’re curious and have yet to embrace this indulgence- today’s the last chance you may have to purchase and consume a frappucino without feeling like a total tool. I really don’t think it’s worth its full price. Remember, it’s for veganism!

FYI, the vegans who have come before me seem to agree that all frapps can be made vegan with soy milk, skipping caramel sauce, and the light options. Be careful! And, of course, you still have to pay more for soy.


P.S. Ironically, and proudly, I wrote this with a cup of local iced coffee at my side. Thank god.