see this shot?

pumpkin. coconut. whiskey. nog.

Pumpkin Coconut Nug

Well, fast forward to Monday, and I don’t plan on placing glasses of cinnamon sprinkled nog in poor light, half hidden by shadows.

Earlier today, I bought a magical new camera from The Shutterbug!

I spent this past week cooking and dining without a camera and it didn’t feel right. I had been planning to upgrade for a while now, and suddenly, I had no choice.  My overused, abused, but deeply loved, Canon Powershot SD750 saw its last day during my first visit to the brand new, novelty-licious Slappycakes in Portland, waiting for light yet whole grain pancakes to cook. I am devastated I don’t have shots of the griddle on the table or my friend Emily’s penis pancake….yet! I’ll just have to go with a group of newbies and see their patient delight grow.

p.s. The drink is made with organic canned pumpkin, So Delicious Original Coconut Beverage (love, love), cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, whiskey, vanilla extract and soymilk, pureed in a Vita-Mix.  I brought a pitcher to a fall party a few weeks ago. Next time, a little less whiskey!


  1. List of things to do in January:
    (1). Go to Jess’s apartment and consume this beverage with leftovers.

  2. just so you know in google reader, and most likely any other feed, you are coming up without a title and being put under (title unknown)

    thought you would like to know 🙂

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