fall farmar

on one hand, the thought of four months of winter without the Portland farmers markets is depressing.  on the other hand, blah blah blah, it’s Portland, where there’s  year-round local produce available elsewhere, and the year-round People’s Coop farmers market.  so, no lack of vegetable-induced seasonal depression for me.

my favorite weekday market has closed for the year, which brought me out to greatest one of all  – the Saturday Farmers Market at PSU.  the cooler weather beckoned hundreds of columbia sportswear jackets, walking room!, potatoes and chestnuts!  me and my as yet un-named new camera went out for vegetables and dried beans last weekend…





the end of days for peppers…

I picked up cayenne, jalapeno and bell peppers.


oh northwest, I love you and your fancy, wild mushrooms.


Firstly, Viridian Farms always has fantastic produce.


Secondly, I cooked these tolosana black beans (soaked and then cooked in chickn style vegetable broth with fresh herbs and shallots) and again, fantastic.  They’re a hearty, delicious black bean and super satisfying in a grain/greens/sauce bowl.  aka what I could live on.

Warm samples at a farm stand. vegan!


fresh potatoes blow my mind with flavor.


and this brings me back to my regret of not buying pounds of mushrooms.

till next time…


  1. Your new camera is doing a fabulous job so far; you really caught the essence of the Saturday PSU Market. And that chick makes the best celery root! Seriously, celery root lady: you rule.

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