Seattle Vegan Food Porn! Round 1.

The first of three installments of Seattle food porn! I was  up in Seattle with two dear friends last week for work & play & vegan foodz, no doubt.

In this post, we’ve got visits to Pike Place Market, Araya’s Vegan Thai, Bang Bang Cafe, Sidecar for Pigs Peace, Sureshot Cafe and a couple other sights.

I’ve been to Seattle quite a few times before, and I originally had the birthplace of grunge in mind for my Northwest move back in the day (credit Irene, Stephen, David & co) but Portland won out.  And that was right.  I adore my Portlandy life, but do I like visiting Seattle and becoming more familiar with it.  The journey is just under 4 hours on Amtrak and very convenient!

Towards the photo essay…


The obligatory market visit.  We were staying a few blocks away. Good morning!


Araya’s Lunch Buffet – This was my first visit, and I won’t say much more besides I had to stop working on this post before lunch today because it had me craving Thai food! -Additionally, I have a review written (on the train back!) for Stumptown Vegans – so look for that in the future, if you’re intrigued.

Vegan Buffet Greatness


Katie Jayne’s delicious buffet plate (#12)


Hot & Sour soup from the buffet (boo, cilantro.  oh, well)


Vijjy’s fresh rolls (from the regular menu)


Buffet spring rolls and dipping sauce! And more soup.


Vijjy’s Spicy Mushroom Soup


Buffet Action.


Hotter Buffet Action.


Leftover soup.


I stopped in twice at Bang Bang Cafe -it’s a vegan friendly cafe in Belltown, as discussed on a recent Stumptown Vegans podcast. They’re veg-friendly and offer vegans Tofutti cream cheese, hummus, Seattle’s own Field Roast & have a daily vegan mac & cheese casserole.

bang bang

Vijjy’s grilled sammy with hummus & Field Roast.

bang bang

Katie Jayne’s patient bagel

bang bang

Roasted Vegetable & Bean Burrito from Bang Bang Cafe – with delicious, delicately roasted potatoes & whole beans.

I regret not adding their special Southwestern chilis, but alas..  bang bang

though I will say, this to-go packaging killed me a little inside to be presented with.

Pike Place Market – We stopped into this small market across from the main Pike Place Marketplace because I had a distant memory of seeing an unfamiliar soy cheese there and wanted to investigate. And that’s what vegans do.

We were all pretty delighted at how damn vegan friendly this little store was!

Soydairy section.


Now onto the real vegan store in Seattle –

Sidecar for Pigs Peace

Of course we stopped by Sidecar and picked up goodies, like all good vegan tourists.  I came home with a very good, locally made blueberry&sea salt adorned chocolate truffle, local tofu jerky, Sunrice spicy tofu and something else I’m forgetting.  I wanted to support them & pick up something I couldn’t get at Food Fight!

The storefront

The vegan protein fridge


Mmm, kombucha & marshmallows




Katie Jayne was pretty damn excited about the Nacho Chreese Dip.


I also picked up my two cats a catnip ball to share.


Sharing didn’t go over very well, but Huxley seemed to have a blast ripping it apart entirely.

jess 307

Which brings us to – the pet food section! All veg, with info pamphlets.  For the record, I feed my cats great food, but it’s not vegetarian.


More Sidecart.


Frozen section!


Pizza section!




We were really excited about stopping by the Korean Tofu House a few blocks from Sidecar, to share a vegan special and hopefully super fresh tofu – but alas, they didn’t open till 7pm. Next time!!


The best vegan pastries in the state?


The parent bakery of this shop makes vegan scones.  I got one for breakfast the next morning.  It was a good maple scone, and fresh, I can see it being better than average, but I think Katie Jayne likely makes the best vegan pastries in the state, sorry!  But great use of signage promoting vegan items! I think this cafe had a sign for every single item, it was amusing.


Aforementioned maple scone.


Vegan chowder! My Yelp  Blackberry App kept telling me to visit here for nearby vegan goodies, and I kept saying, silly Yelp, that must be mistaken!  Yet, while we were walking by we browsed the menu and they have a vegan chowda!


Hummus from the hotel restaurant. Woop, dried herbs & oil, baby.  At least it was only $5.

hotel hummus (with dried herbs)

Gum Wall


Did you know Seattle has a famous gum wall?  Well, now I do.

gum wall

One more round of Seattle restaurant porn to go! Featuring Georgetown Liquor Co. (LOVE), Citra Soy Froyo and an interesting visit to Plum Bistro – and the Examination of Seattle Soy Lattes.  Oh, yes.


  1. Aw shucks! Thanks for the plug about my baking. Maybe someone will give me some money to start a bakery! That would be super. I had tons of fun with you guys in Seattle! I can’t wait to see the rest of your photos!!!!!

  2. Oh yes… the gum wall was painfully blogged by me a few months ago – {{{{shudder}}} I was completely horrified but my kids LOVED it!! GAH!

    Can you believe I hadn’t heard about Bang Bang cafe? I will definitely need to check it out. Loved the reviews, they’re perfect!! (The vegan chowder is quite good by the way!!) And of course, Sidecar is my fave!! They really had things that Food Fight doesn’t carry? I always go to Food Fight when I’m in Portland, thinking THEY have so much that Sidecar doesn’t.. grass is always greener? HAHAH!

    What was the store in Pike Place that you stopped it?

    Try working in a tour of the Field Roaster plant next time, they’ll send you home with monstrous piles of lusciousness. Well, OK, some yummy stuff to sample anyways… and they’re right down the street from Blue Moon Cafe which is super-awesome vegan Vietnamese…

    Can’t wait for furhter installments!!!!

    1. hey marti! you are such a riot! bang bang is apparently pretty new – get your butt there and try the vegan mac! the (assumed) owner was so darn likable and open to being vegan friendly : )

      sidecart had a few things I can’t find at Food Fight…just a few, haha

  3. tell me that you went to araya’s buffet AND flowers buffet, not araya’s INSTEAD OF flowers!

    that’s all i have to say.

    i would really like to go up to seattle super bad. it’s been a long time!

    i went to horn of africa today (for buffet!) and thought of you a lot. i don’t know why horn of africa reminds me of you, but it does!

    1. I promised to go to Araya’s with Katie Jayne and didn’t have enough time for it – but we did see it (it was closed during the day we walked by) and I will try my darndest to schedule it in next trip! There’s only so much I can do. : )

      I loved going to Horn of Africa with you!!

  4. For the record, I would pay Katie Jayne for her bake goods but thankfully she’s not charging…yet.

    Sureshot’s banana bread is delicious as well!

    1. hmm…..perhaps I should start charging.

      Kidding! I would never charge ppkers!! (unless I open a bakery, then I will charge everyone)

  5. Wow, a gum wall…………don’t quite know what to say to that.
    The food looks great and I am jealous as usual. I need to go to Portland and Seattle. There is hardly anything here in Middle Tennessee.

  6. I am so glad you went to SureShot – they have the best best best scones and you totally had the best one, the maple one!

    Glad you hit Arayas and not Flowers…they recently had their water shut off -forced to close for a number of days – and they have one of the worst scores with the health department. I would avoid it if you enjoy not having food borne illness! ha!

    Never been to the Bang Bang cafe, hoping to check that out soon!

    Glad you enjoyed your trip to seattle!

  7. Did you forget to visit Mighty-O? And you should check out the veg menu at Chaing’s Gourmet, sometime.

    Being fairly new to Seattle, I haven’t seen the gum wall yet. I guess I should put that on my list.

    Looking forward to your review of Plum.

  8. Hello – a Portland friend sent me your post. I didn’t know about Bang Bang or the chowder… did you know that when you were at Sidecar you were ~3 doors away from a vegan pizzeria? Pizza Pi just up the street. And only a few blocks from Quickies (vegan soulfood). Quickies has two sister restaurants on cap hill now: Quickies Cafe on 15th and Plum which just opened and is more high end. Also, I will never eat at Flowers or Ruby’s (the nicer place next door with same mgmt) again after the _COCKROACH IN MY BREAD-DIPPING OIL_. Ugh! Cafe Flora, Carmelita, (both vegetarian) and Tamarind Tree (veg friendly) are my favs in Seattle. Check their online menus. What we are sadly lacking is vegan cupcakes like at saint cupcake in PDX. 😦 Thanks for your post! I’ll have to try that Bang Bang cafe mac and cheese thingy, sounds delicious!

    1. hi susan, thanks for visiting!
      We did peek into Pizza Pi, we didn’t have enough time to visit as many places as we would have liked, and there’s a lot of vegan pizza in Portland so it wasn’t super high on my list for this trip : )
      Plus, I went a few years ago under old management and was really scarred by the soy cheese they used, ha!
      Haven’t been to Quickies yet but did get a chance to lunch at Plum, more pics coming soon & a review of them on
      FYI, for more vegan cupcakes in Portland – check out Back to Eden and Sweetpea, two all vegan bakeries, next time you’re here!
      ❤ jess

  9. That all looks amazing (esp the scones!), but your friend wouldn’t be so excited about that schreese dip if she’d ever tried it…blech, haha

  10. OMG JESS!
    i miss seattle a lot now!
    it was just last early january that i went with ben and sian and we went to araya’s,trabant,sidecar,madison market,etc etc etc.
    i mean,i lived in vancouver and have been there a million times,but there’s so much in all yr posts(i’m just commenting on this one…)that i miss now!
    i mean,i am in nyc and all,but i guess it’s just nostalgia.
    for you more than anything probably from this post!and remember when i first met KJ when i secretly met you guys downtown to go to the potluck at janes?!and kj made scones!

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