just some vegan shoe shopping

UPDATE: A commentor brought it to light that although the Tretorn boots SEEM vegan, the little strap at the top is LEATHER.  Sure enough, I received mine and it was leather.  I decided to cut the piece off, because I really like the boots and had them shipped already, and I have notified the company of their stupidity.  What’s the point?  Their phone number is 1-877-TRETORN if you’d like to do the same.

Original Post:

I’m as guilty of over-wearing cheap, canvas Payless shoes as most people. I predominately stick to cute & comfortable shoes that I can wear to work  and keep on with my casual clothes or a skirt in my free time.  I’ll admit, Willow Rosenberg was a comfortable, revolutionary style icon to me in high school.

I’ve been hooked on mary janes and mary jane style sneakers since I was a young one, and have a hard time spending more than $50, if not $30, on a pair of shoes.  I’ve sprung for Earth Vegan (loved my Intrigues) and J-41 shoes a couple times over the years in the upwards of $100, but mentally, it’s really hard to do!  But, these are my precious feet, and I need to treat them well. Repeat…and  shop on clearance.

Earlier today, my feet were wet, I couldn’t bear to buy another well, cute, cheap pair of rain boots from Target after mine cracked within a few weeks last year, and I bought these Tretorn Skerry Vinter Shiny W boots in purple from Zappos:

The product description was very influential:

  • In either rain or snow, these playful rubber boots will help lift “dampened” spirits!
  • Rubber upper is perfect for rain-drenched days.
  • Plush synthetic fur lining is warm and comfy.
  • Vulcanized rubber midsole promotes durability.

They made jokes! It rains/mists all fall and winter and into the spring in Portland! Synthetic, warm lining! They’re Vulcan!

I’ll update with my thoughts on this purchase. If you have affordable rain boot suggestions, please share!

Moving on, I bought these J-41 Palm Vegan Slip Ons a few weeks ago:

J-41 Palm Vegan Shoes - Slip-Ons (For Women)

I really relied on my old pair of J-41 Sideline Naturals, with their sturdy, er, Jeep branded recycled materials. The most comfortable pair of durable sneakers I’ve ever owned, and so breathable! I couldn’t throw down the upwards of $100 again, so I opted for the discounted pair above from under $30 with coupons from Sierra Trading Post.  I dig the look and these are great for wearing the entire day, but in line with most reviews, I can see them wearing out easily.  I’m still wearing them right now. Be care with J-41s, some are vegan, many are leathery.

In terms of socially acceptable dress shoes, I bought these from on sale from Humanitaire in the mid-$20 range when I was in California:

humanitaire purchase

Cuteness attack.  I just have to remember and remember to wear solid colors when I put them on.  Really fine to walk in as well.

Now, in terms of shoes on my wish list:

Eleanor Shoes by Novacas at MooShoes There’s just something about these.

More J-41s from Pie Footwear on NE Alberta Street:


These were the one pair of shoes in Pie that I was really, really eyeing.

And a pair of these Keen Erin Ballerina shoes without leather, please!

Keen Erin Ballerina


      1. oh, I am not an outside the jeans boot girl, so I do not know about that. They are also not very warm, and I had to order a size up. I think I will wear them with fatter socks the next time I wear them so my feets are toasty warm.

  1. The fact that you referred to Willow as a style icon pretty much made my day. I’m just re-watching my way through (the earlier seasons) of Buffy, and I’m pretty sure I exclaim ‘Best. Outfit. Ever!’ at least once an episode. I love the look of those boots, though – they look all cozy on the inside. Plus, purple. Obviously. 🙂 -Eve

  2. Wow, those boots look great, I want some! I’m too scared to buy shoes online, in case they don’t fit….so I’ve never done it. I was able to get a pair of vegan shoes from Moo Shoes once when I was in NYC and that’s about it. Since we’ve been flooded pretty badly here in New Orleans over the past few days, I really could’ve used those great boots!!

  3. Hey all. So, I’m am seriously not trying to be the vegan police…. I’m just sharing info… I wanted to let you all know that I too was looking at these very same boots, and out of curiosity checked out their website to see what else they had…. On the website it says that the tabs on the back of the boots (I don’t know what they’re actually called, you use them to pull on your boots) are leather. Sucks, cause I really wanted the green ones!


  4. I love them all! You and I have a similar taste in footwear, and a similar ethos: the cheaper the better! Great post, I can’t wait till I’m back in the states and I can actually GO shoe shopping again. Ahhh…that’ll be the life.

  5. When I was in college, this boy said to me: “you are different than all the other girls I know. It’s your shoes.” It was because I was always wearing flat comfortable shoes while the other girls were killing themselves walking around campus in heels. Cute comfies are a must.

    I want the J-41’s you saw at Pie. Cuteness!

  6. shoes!!!

    just got my first pair of vegan shoes – saucony jazz sneakers – and i LOVE them!

    thanks for the recommendations, i’m looking for some cute (and) comfortable shoes!

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