Seattle Food Porn, Round 2

Round 2 of the Seattle Vegan Food Porn from earlier this month!

How cool is Georgetown Liquor Co?  So damn cool. I think I have to give it the slight edge over Araya’s and hail it as my favorite dining experience of the short trip. It was just so…comfortable.

All vegetarian pub, nearly everything can be made vegan. Amusing, sci fi inspired sandwiches and appetizers.  Free game systems. I played Super Mario 3 on NES! My favorite! Tons of microbrews on tap. Fun cocktail list. I would want it to be my Hungry Tiger Too if I lived in Seattle.  I’ll try to write more about it for the other site – but here are the pics!

Arugula Artichoke Dip

georgetown liquor

Half a Picard and half a Darth Reuben. I do believe my friend Katie Jayne called the Reuben ‘the best sandwich’ she’s ever eaten.

Lowell – with vegan ham, green chilis, vegan cheese, greens, tomato and spicy chipotle vegenaise with a side of Tofu Chicken Caesar salad.  So. Good. I’d go back and get this same exact meal. Multiple times.

You can sorta see the game systems in the back.


So, I have this thing for digital jukeboxes…and this one is GIANT! Since I was with my class of 2000 buds, we played music from our high school days. Vijjy insisted on Jewel song after Jewel song, and we sang along sporadically to Semi-Charmed Kinda Life.

We saw a sign for SOY YOGURT outside Citra Froyo, so we went.  Duh.

I’m not big on the flavor of yogurt, and this was yo-gurt-y, so I passed after we sampled it, but look how IN SHOCK Katie Jayne is with her strawberry adorned cup!  Note – the counter girl stated it was vegan, and emails from the company bounced back – anyone know for sure?

I ended up taking an afternoon train instead of a morning one on my final day, and after caffeination, took in a lunch at Plum Bistro on Capital Hill.

Smoked Northwest Portobello and Tempeh Crepes

Spicy Mac ‘N’ Yease

Blueberry Truffle with Sea Salt from Sidecar for Pigs Peace.  Good stuff.

truffle from sidecar

Round 1 is here.

Phew. I’m sure I missed something


  1. The Picard was the best sandwich I have ever eaten in my life. The Reuben was good, but I got the better end of the sandwich trade than Lynda did. I am going there on Wednesday for a Picard. I cannot wait.

  2. i was JUST talking about how the Picard and the Darth Ruben are the 1st and 2nd best sandwiches ever. GLC is the only Seattle restaurant that i miss now that i live in Portland. what do you say we convince the owners to open a restaurant or cart down here?

  3. Never been to Georgetown Liquor Co., but we love the ‘hood! We always make a trip of going to the Squid & Ink and Fantagraphics Books, but maybe we’ll have to integrate that place into the mix. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things.

    PS: We love Reubens, and thus need to try that one.

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