From the PPK test kitchen: Pasta con Broccoli & Blackened Tofu

I’m totally thrilled when I have hermit time and can pour myself into a cooking project.  It’s a nice, personal break from my constant restaurant and cart adventures. Case in point, last weekend, testing recipes for Isa Moskowtiz’s new book.

Pasta Con Broccoli. A lower-fat take on a classic, served with whole wheat linguine.  As an accompaniment, I simply roasted some whole cremini mushrooms with white wine and shoyu.

Pasta con Broccoli

Blackened, Broiled Tofu. I had some clumping going on, but that’s okay! It’s a test recipe, after all, and a tasty protein.

Broiled Blackened Tofu

I’m slowly going through the classy Urban Vegan cookbook, as well. Here are more leftover veggies and extra firm tofu baked in the Urban Vegan Tofu Marinade.

Urban Vegan marinated tofu

It’s noochy goodness. I stretched my leftover marinade with veggie broth, shoyu and white wine and have more tofu relaxing in it, right now.


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