Product Review: Dominex Eggplant Cutlets

Eggplant Cutlets, Red Wine Marinara, Lightly steamed Kale, Garlic Bread

My experience with the Dominex Eggplant Cutlets featured delightful surprise after delightful surprise.

  • The first surprise was the initial email – I’m always intrigued when companies offer to send me something!!
  • The second was from recommendations.  I posted a photo on flickr and received an immediate recommendation and as I was checking out at New Seasons, both the cashier and woman in line behind me raved about them!  My curiosity rose.
  • The third delight was the product itself  – and my suspicion that the little bit of cheese pictured on the box below could pass for semi-melting vegan mozzarella…

Product Review Coming.

When Dominex, “The Eggplant People”, contacted me about sampling some of their products, I thought they were crazy.  Rather, I thought I was crazy agreeing to this, and frankly, didn’t have much hope that I’d enjoy this product.


1) It’s frozen and I’m often irrationally creeped out by frozen foods that aren’t tator tots.

2) It’s frozen, breaded eggplant – my Italian heart was pounding in fear.

3) Half of their products are vegan, half are vegetarian – and I was curious if the vegan products would live up to the exciting packaging of their vegetarian Parm Bites.

However, I was curious, enjoy a challenge & complimentary, additions to my budget – especially when they’re mass marketed as a vegan natural foods product!

Verdict: I’d buy it again, and I already have!

I liked the Dominex Eggplant Cutlets so much, I’ve already bought them again.  I’m sorry this is sounding like an infomercial, I truly get this excited about things.

Last night, I found the current $2.99/box sale at New Seasons irresistible (normally $4.99, I believe).  I’ve reviewed a lot of products, both complimentary and out-of-pocket, and this is up there with the best of the best.

Dominex also makes vegan Eggplant burgers, but I passed because I’m so delighted with these.   Plus, the novelty of an entire eggplant’s worth of cutlets in one box tops a box of 4 eggplant veggie burgers (that granted, I’ve yet to try, but packaging wise..)

The slices are breaded thicker than I’d do at home, but I can’t complain because they’re fantastic.

Crispy and golden on the outside, require little to no additional oil (if cooked on parchment paper) baked in the oven, and the insides are soft eggplant goodness.  Turn on the oven, pull out a few cutlets, throw together a side or two, and you have a nice, quick dinner.

Note: I have found I like them cooked upwards 20 minutes vs. the 12-15 advised.  Those few minutes aside, these remain an easy, convenient dinner treat I had no idea I ever wanted in my freezer before, and now I stand corrected.  They’ve saved my life (slight exaggeration) after coming home to an empty fridge after a trip more than once!

In Portland? They’re sold at New Seasons and Food Fight!


  1. A friend recommended these while visiting San Francisco and I brought them back from there are enjoyed them tremedouly. The burgers are good too, but the cutlets are best.

  2. WOAH, I am too excited about these. I lurve eggpalnts with all my heart, and I also enjoy using my oven for quick, easy meals.
    This looks like a great alternative to overly processed soy burgers (the main reason I don’t eat sammiches).

  3. I saw these last night at New Seasons and now I’m sad I passed them up! I love the Trader Joes eggplant cutlets, but they aren’t vegan, so I’m happy to see a nice alternative!

  4. We have some in our freezer right now. I think I pan fried them and found them greasey… Good to know they work better in the oven. I think they could make an awesome sandwich with Cheezly and marinara sauce!

  5. I’ve had them as well. They are great for someone who cooks for one (more or less) but who wants to have breaded eggplant. I should pick some up this weekend to help with dinners the next few weeks, now that I’m working again. Thanks for reminding of this wonderful product.

  6. well, you definitely liked them better than i did! my review is forthcoming. i just have been waiting until i try the burgers before reviewing.

  7. I like those a whole lot. they were really great when I was a young lazy vegan and a) wasn’t sure what to substitute for a burger at a family cookout or b) didn’t feel like breading my own eggplant.

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