I dream of Vegan Hot Toddies

Vegan Hot Toddy with Jade Green Tea, Agave Nectar, Lemon Juice, Clove and Whiskey
new 009

You can order a vegan hot toddy anywhere, subbing sugar for honey, but we all know that raises the Is this sugar vegan?‘ question, and then you’re just drinking sugary-sweetened, hot booze with lemon, sometimes with tea, which IS nice, but it’s kinda my new Portland dream to see vegan hot toddies sweetened with agave or maple all over town. Portland Vegan Spirits, are you listening?  Sweet, double entendre.

As of this past fall, I started drinking hot toddies around town.  The slow pace and sensation from this body warming beverage is just super. I spend all day drinking tea at work, so I don’t really consider it relaxing after work, but this sure is. FYI, when I’m dining out, the sugar issue doesn’t stress me out that much, and that’s my personal stance.  Years ago, it really did, and I certainly only purchase vegan sugar at home, but there’s only so much you can avoid or take in good faith.

I know the Hungry Tiger Too’s new cocktail menu features a Hot & Spicy Toddy (a mere $4!) that is available with honey or agave, anyone know of any other special vegan toddies around town?  That is, besides the ones I’ve made at home.  For the record, the HT2’s is good, just keep stirring the spices!

As for my own, I’ve taken to making them with chamomile or green tea, freshly squeezed lemon or orange, whiskey and agave.  I had a brief stint where I thought brandy was the hot toddy booze for me, but then I started feeling 90.  There are countless hot toddy recipes online, but I will mention that the addition of cloves and/or ginger is lovely.  The hot toddy pictured is made with cherry flavored whiskey.

hot toddy

This entire post is dedicated to my friend Maeve, who inspired me to vary my home tea selection for toddies.

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  1. You inspired me. I made the mix (orange-spice tea, lemon, maple syrup, clove) at home and carried my little steaming cup across the street to the neighborhood bar here in Baltimore. They were more than happy to fill me to the brim with some good ol’ Tennessee whiskey. Nothing like a toddy on a cold night. Yum yum.

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