The Petition to Rename SE Division Street Los Gorditos Square, or something

Taqueria Los Gorditos, the original cart at SE 50th and Division, is super vegan friendly and rules.  As does the family behind it!

Gorditos II, the short-lived but very appreciated all-vegan truck, was retired in 2009.

On January 10, 2010, Taqueria Los Gorditos: The Restaurant, opened with a festive, complimentary buffet!

The location? SE Division at SE 12th! I love that damn street. The original cart is still open! Both Taqueria Los Gorditos (stop getting confused, one’s a cart!) have separate grills for vegan food!  The new location is set to have breakfast, starting at 7am!  Look for them to open full time this week, and get your soy curl on.

My plate from the opening day party:

taqueria los gorditos restaurant

RIP Gorditos II – parked in front of the new location

RIP Gorditos II

Sign the petition in the comments.

Credit to Simon for the Square idea!


  1. my only complaint so far is that they have changed their soyrizo. different texture and different spice (achayote maybe?) whatever it is, i’m not into it.

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