another awesome: Voodoo’s McMinnville Cream

Voodoo Doughnuts unveiled vegan yeasted donuts last year in addition to their cake varieties, and vegans jumped for joy.  New! Vegan! Treats!

Both Voodoo locations were already round-the-clock traditions for Portlanders and tourists, and this upped the excitement for donuts.  I’ve sampled a few since they unveiled vegan versions of nearly all their regular yeasted donuts. They were tasty, and I thought the toppings and venture ruled, but the old school maple glazed and chick-o-stick cake varieties remained my choice for sporadic indulgence.

I figured two things: they would only get better!, and that I just wasn’t fortunate enough to try a super fresh one…yet.

Which leads to something awesome! Last weekend, I waited on a brief early morning line at Voodoo and was blessed with a fresh.yeasted.mister dollface of a doughnut – the McMinnville Cream, and everything was right.  The donut was soft and chewy, and filling was generous and creamy, and the icing was maple with a pink mustache.  Just look at it!

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B: The Inside Shot


  1. I don’t know, it looks like the proportion of cake to cream is a little high; I like ALOT of cream (VeganTreats delivers). But it does look fresh & tasty.

    1. I’m totally a wipe out the extra cream person, but I know what you’re saying! I haven’t tried Vegan Treats donuts since they were new, I’m looking forward to sampling one next month on vacation!

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