Benjamin Linus Throws a Dinner Party


Over the past year, I’ve picked up a new hobby – planning themed parties.

Technically, event panning falls in my area of collegiate expertise, ba da bum, which makes putting it to use delightful and hysterical.  Party planning is a project full of novelty, vegan menu planning, refreshments, and socializing – win!

I threw my first themed party last January.  No surprise that it was a premier party for the start of Season 5 of LOST.  I’ve been saying since Season 2, if I’m still entranced with the series as a whole after it ends, I will be getting the numbers tattooed!

This past weekend, I threw a party for the return of my much-missed friend Susie from college out of state.  She’s a serious Lostie, and fellow Ben fan, so the theme was Benjamin Linus Throws a Dinner Party. It was a day of marathon-LOST watching and Dharma rations that led into a mid-sized party (for my small apartment, at least!) of old and news fans alike, plus some female arm wrestling on my kitchen floor, Mikhail’s eyepatch, an empty jar, and leis.  The theme was obviously LOST, with a welcome to the Island/Tropical vibe.

Benjamin Linus Throws a Dinner Party, the pictures!

The TV Station and Bar.

Food Drop. Joanna ❤ Hurley Ranch Dip = The Shit.

I’ve posted the menu below this. My favorites were the Ranch Dip and Susi – I mean, Sayid’s Shawarama Seitan.  Zomg, good. I hope they both type up the recipes! Cough cough.

The menu! I like displaying a menu because A) It makes me organized B) It’s adorable and C) It’s self-explanatory and can highlight special dietary needs.  Everything made it to the table, plus all the delicious additions friends brought – with the exception of the boar sausages I forgot hanging in the oven until past midnight.  No room for them anyway!

The Smoke Monster decided on Chocolate Chunk Mint Candy Cookies, since Susie likes the mint lentils so!

Hurley’s Garlic Mayo Gluten Free Pasta Salad in the back. Joanna and Susie walked me through my first pasta salad! It’s a Vegenaise-based dressing pureed with sautéed shallots and plenty of garlic, tossed with rice spirals, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, spinach and orange bell pepper.

Crockpot of Seitan Shawarma, crackers and some of Locke’s favorite trail snacks, including wasabi peas, banana chips and hot mango rosemary spiced almonds.  Desmond’s fondue somehow found room on the table eventually!

Side view of the bar, featuring Juliet’s Lonely Island Rum Punch and loads more, including Dharma vodka, MacCutcheon Whiskey and Dharma Lemon Lime soda.  The OJ is for Screwdrivers, Jack style. Sadly, I forgot to get a shot of my fridge full of Dharma Stout! I’ll make a point to add it, it’s that cool.

Some of my favorite Hostiles! In the Book Club Station. Yes, there was Carrie and a few others.

Even the cd player was in on the act! You. All. Everybody.

Make Your Own Kind of Music was played a few times, of course.

Susie, newly crowned Leader of the Others:

And just because it’s so awesome, here’s the cake Katie Jane made last year (and her photo):

Poorly labeled Dharma Booze:

The labels are from the Max Pictures’ website.  Thank you!

Thanks for observing our tv-geek-out! ❤  jess sconed-hanso-linus.


  1. OMG Jess, you are the cutest. I’m so jealous. Why didn’t my plane crash over Portland? Horrible joke…ignore it. ❤

  2. OMG!! That is sooo awesome and fun!! I LOVE Lost. This makes me want to throw my own theme party– maybe for the series finale. Your creative touches are inspiring! The menu sounds pretty darn tasty too.

  3. I love it! That is such a cool idea and it sounds like a ton of fun. (In case you can’t tell, I’m a big Lost fan) I can’t wait for the show to start soon!

  4. Jess, this is really insanely rad. I have been thinking about your previous Lost party ever since you posted about it. I am envious of your Lostie glory. totally great. I can’t wait for the final season!

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