Product Review: Higher Taste Buzzitos and Hummus



This past fall, The Higher Taste worked 2 Vegan IT products into their line of Buzzitos: Soy Curls and Daiya Cheese.  Way to be on top of the vegan community, really!

Not too long ago, the Veganshizz and I met at the Vegan Mini Mall and had a grand time, squealing as we dispersed an abundant amount of samples from Portland-based The Higher Taste Ltd. The company makes really popular, wholesome, vegetarian convenience foods.  Nearly their entire line is vegan, with the exception of the Bean & Cheese Buzzito (correct me if I’m wrong).

Their products include sandwiches, Buzzitos burritos, hummus and gourmet salads – some of the latter can be found in the new green Hawthorne Fred Meyer deli, by the pound.  Both sandwiches and Buzzitos are found in convenience stores, grocery stores, Food Fight! New Seasons, coffee shops (including K&F Coffee), and more.

Now, I’m not a frequent purchaser of packaged, vegan convenience items these days.  However, I was once a college student and running around with a wrap, burrito or falafel sandwich was a way of life, and some were…gasp! packaged!  With that, some were definitely better than others- and Buzzitos belong in that category.

I took home my Buzzitos and Hummus from that fateful day the vegan mini mall and will be talking about my three favorites today – Karla will soon discuss the rest!

The Buzzitos.

Ya-Hoo! Bar-B-Q

October 2009 257

Ya-hoo! BBQ Buzzito: This new Buzzito features Oregon-produced Soy Curls, chewy in sweet BBQ sauce, with chopped small pepper pieces, mild onions, and brown rice.  This was the first one I tried, briefly microwaving it, and then cooking in a toaster oven, as per Karla’s tips.

Hands down, this was my favorite Buzzito.  It was the easiest to eat, the best tastiest combination, I dig Soy Curls, and I have a soft spot for new-traditional BBQ burritos.

P.S. Soy Curls are also in the new Fiesta Buzzito!

Vegan Surpreme, wearing its sombrero

October 2009 262

Vegan Supreme: This flavor was already popular, and then got blessed with the addition of phenomenally melty Daiya cheese.  Perhaps if you’re come to my site before, you know that I’m not a big Daiya fan.

I went into this burrito open-minded, and I appreciate the warming melt it offers.  I ended up picking around the majority of the Daiya in it and breaking out my fork, due to personal preference, but I was stoked that I still found it satisfying.  I’m sure the remaining Daiya-tolerant, 95% of the vegan cheese eating population would dig this burrito!

Famous Sicilian

October 2009 258

Famous Sicilian: I have deep Sicilian roots and I would have been very upset if I hadn’t liked this burrito – but I did! Selfishly, I would have dug a wee bit more of an olive & tomato presence, but I was really into the flavorful bites of hearty vegan sausage (not sure if it’s homemade), beans, rice and green pepper.

Overall take on Buzzitos:

A versatile line of satisfying, cost-effective vegan friendly burritos packing more flavor than you’d expect!

I dig that they’re locally produced, using special vegan products, aware of vegan trends, and made with fresh ingredients.

They won’t become a regular addition to my shopping trips, but I won’t forget the Ya-hoo! Bar-B-Q as a special, on-the-go purchase or emergency lunch.  Karla’s tips were key – the just so slightly crisped tortilla and heated filling works for me.

There was this moment of calm happiness the day I thought I forgot my lunch at work, and remembered the extra Buzzito in the fridge!

About Hummus.

Higher Taste Hummus – As soon as I tried their hummus, I instantly placed it as the hummus the Basement Pub serves.  If not, it’s ridiculously similar.  That being said, it’s incredibly creamy, but  on the bland side.  This is nice in a comforting way, especially if you’re not into a lot of garlic in your hummus – which I’m sure some folks appreciate – even if they may not admit it in public!

And once again – it’s great to see locally produced hummus, and I’d be down to try new varieties if they come out.

Buzzitos in Action:

Higher Taste BBQ

Higher Taste BBQ

Vegan Supreme, Inside Shot
Higher Taste Burrito

If you have a favorite Buzzito, please share!  There seemed to be a tie between the new Ya-hoo and Vegan Supreme when I inquired via the vegan social internet machine.

This has been a Get Sconed! Product Review.

The company, The Higher Taste LTD., provided the complimentary products for review.

P.S. I shared some with friends!

Update: There are actually 2 vegetarian buzzitos, to clarify.

Cold salads are also available at Zupan’s, both Food Front locations and Ross Island Deli in the Portland area.


  1. They really are convenient vegan food option and I love that you can find them at so many locations. How was the fiesta burrito? I haven’t tried that one yet.

  2. When I went to Reed, almost a decade ago, the buzzitos were a staple of the college bookstore. As well as a couple sandwiches….I think also made by Higher Taste? I wanna say they were called Portland BBQ and Bhima Power Burger? That was good stuff. I wasn’t vegan at the time but it still made a good meal when the cafeteria had closed.

  3. I love meat and I didn’t think I could live without meat. The BBQ one taste very meaty. I don’t feel like I am eating a vegetarian diet, because of health issue. I truly enjoy the food and don’t feel like I am missing out. For years I thought there was no way I could make this drastic change. Thank you very much Higher Taste!

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