Continued Examination of Portland Soy Lattes

Starting with a Stumptown…
Stumptown: Ash

So, I’m on day 3 of a brief coffee detox.  I had a major caffeine/sugar crash after attending a killer vegan candy party, and then recording and experiencing the  Stumptown Vegans local chocolate review, all within a 24 hour period.  I let Sahagun’s revolutionary Stumptown coffee bar live inside my brain.  Oh wow, ow.  I’m aiming to stay coffee-free until my annual East Coast snow pilgrimage/vacation next week, cup of oolong in hand.

Naturally, it’s time to torment myself with the continuation of my Examination of Portland Soy Lattes.

Portland is a city renowned for its stellar, ever- independent coffee scene.  It’s an amusing, eye-opening place where Stumptown Coffee and its appreciated and nestled, alternatives, rule. These examinations are simple photo essays of where I’ve sipped on soy lattes in the past few months. Recent adventures not pictured: Coffee House NW (for a macchiato – oh, my) and Sweetpea Baking Co.

Countless recommendations later (mainly Maeve), I finally made it to one of Portland’s newest microroasters, Heart!

Heart Coffee

I enjoy when I can say things like “This latte is like a cloud!” and “soy  latte dream!”, and this was an appropriate experience.

Soy Latte from Heart

Heart Coffee

Floyd’s, Old Town (Stumptown) There was something positively rigorous about this latte.
Floyd's Old Town


I have to say life has been really good lately – because I’ve been to Barista twice within a few weeks.  The highest quality coffee shop in Portland, offering beans from a small variety of rotating, independent roasters.


Another Soy Latte from Barista

Soy Latte from Spella Cafe

Spella Cafe on 5th

The owners of the beloved Spella cart downtown opened a lovely small shop on SW 5th. My secret day job relocated this fall, and this shop has replaced Coffee Plant as my walking-distance-indulgence. I am full of gratitude when I visit!

Spella Cafe on 5th

The next two lattes have been featured as “awesomes” before, but what the hell. They’re awesome for awesome reasons, obvs.

The Perfect Holiday Latte from Artemis Cafe

Artemis Cafe

Soy Latte from Coffeehouse Five I’ve been on more than one #4 heading north and contemplated running late and catching the next bus, just to stop  here on Killingsworth.


Acme Coffee Company (Ristretto Roasters)

acme coffee.

My first latte from this newer SE coffeeshop.  It really underwhelmed me, but I’ll give them another try -especially because I liked the hard workin’, creative, and homey atmosphere in this coffeeshop house.

Stumptown: Ash

Stumptown: Ash

I’ll use the word “ethereal”.  Just try and stop me.

Next up – I don’t remember where this is from!  Egads.

Unidentified Soy Latte

October 2009 052

Have you seen me?

Do you believe this shit? Believe I had a gift card. Believe there’s no need to ever order vanilla.  Or from here, in the Pacific Northwest, at least.  Hopefully ever, unless you’re in need of caffeine at an airport ?

Do you believe this shit?

Please note I did not finish this and I am still apologizing to my soul.

Any recommendations for the next round, or Boston or NYC coffee?  I’m always looking to try new spots.  Though in NYC, I will gladly let Drowning in a Demitasse lead the way…


  1. it’s posts such as these that make feel an overwhelming sense of guilt for being a Starbucks barista. our soy lattes really aren’t shit. Starbucks manufactures their own soy milk (vanilla flavored) and it genuinely has this burned taste to it since most baristas don’t know that soy burns easier than milk.

  2. Hey there! I’m de-lurking because you asked about coffee/soy latte’s in my city (Boston) and I really felt that I MUST help with this request.

    SIP in post office square is amazing – makes a great soy latte
    Also, there are several Espresso Royale’s/Bagel Rising in the Boston area that do great soy latte’s as well….and if you get one with a bagel shop inside – (comm ave or Newbury) they have bagel sandwiches with LOTS of vegetarian/vegan options like soy cream cheese and tons of fresh veggie toppings.

    Feel free to email me directly if you want any other recco’s for Boston – my boyfriends sister is vegetarian & I love tempe – so I know a lot of great spots that you might enjoy.

    1. you are awesome, thank you! My friend Sarah tells me I have to try the Tequila Sunrise (I think) bagel from Bagel Rising – I really must go there! I will definitely check out Espresso Royale, too – I haven’t been there in years – feel free to send any other recs my way!

  3. Howdy from Boston! You may have already been to these places for coffee, but I suggest:

    Porter Square Books (
    The vegan fresh rolls are super tasty and made locally. Plus there’s usually a tasty vegan sandwich or two on the menu.

    Diesel Cafe (
    Convenient to the red line and spitting distance from our most exciting, new vegan restaurant – the Pulse Cafe (!

    1369 Coffee House (

    There’s also an Espresso Royale Cafe on Newbury Street (

  4. gawd jess,so howmany places you figure we can hit up in a day?
    in preparation or yr arrival i have drank 3(!) macchiatos this week.
    yesterday’s stellar macch at the new bluebird coffee in the east village-counter culture beans
    a macchiato at stumptown on sunday-cary paid!
    and then i just realized i’ve only had 2 b/c i was gonna order one at kaffe 1668 monday but got the intelly columbia instead.whoops!maybe tomorrow?
    i’ll drink a mocha on v-day just for you,though.

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