The Teese Challenge: Dang Quesadilla with Nacho Sauce

Oh, it’s way past hip to quote from Napoleon Dynamite?

It’s not even far gone enough to be hip again?

Well, let’s continue enjoying vegan quesadillas, forget that reference, and commence talking about  how much we love Tina Marjorino as Mac.

This is my first entry into the grand Teese Challenge.  It had to be a soft, simple one because I’ve recently been attacked by new allergies and the worst sore throat of my life.  My ultimate goal is for individual chick’n style seitan parm sticks with teese mozzarella – modeled after this post on my old site.

Whole Wheat Quesdilla with Teese Nacho Sauce, Black Bean & Roasted Red Pepper Spread, and Avocado.

nacho teese quesdadilla

I was pretty fascinated by the  mildly spiced, calmly orange, Nacho Sauce. It was my first time using it. It comes out of its tube like squishy cheese curds and did that crazy teese-liquid-melt-congealing into the quesadilla.  That is so cool! I know that may sound gross, but I’m a fan.  Dang.

The Black Bean spread is based on this hummus recipe from Cooking Light.  I swapped a whole roasted red pepper, dash of hot smoked paprika, and a couple tablespoons of water for the mere tablespoon for tahini, because I could.  I bought the paprika from the new Spice & Tea Exchange location in downtown Portland – I’m mesmerized by this type of shopping on my lunch hour!

Teese ranks high with my favorite vegan cheeses.  I was stoked to participate (and receive complimentary teese!) for this project! Can I make Nacho Libre nachos next?


  1. I’d never used Teese before I took the challenge, so thanks for putting it into words, “…did that crazy teese-liquid-melt-congealing into the quesadilla”; I didn’t know what was going on!

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