new teese on pizza

The vegan cheese wars are fascinating, ridiculous, and full of hyped out opinions.

Every now and then, something special comes along, making its way amongst all the passable, or please-pass non-dairy alternatives. Follow Your Heart, Daiya, Teese,  and Cheezly are all brands that have gained notoriety in the vegan community in recent years.

If you’re already rolling your eyes and agreeing with the first statement, stop reading now, because I’m clearly about to wade into the waters.

If you agree, and yet, like me, you can’t resist trying each new one as soon as you can, please, continue.  It primarily boils down to sheer curiosity – Which one is the best? Which one will make your life that much easier?  Which is actually worth buying? Which one will make your pizza look real? We want to know!

Either way, I’m just posting photos of a pizza that some dear friends and I put together, my contribution being the new formula of Mozzarella Teese that some vegan bloggers were sent a sample of:

Pizza with Mozzarella Teese, Marinara by Liz, Roasted Butternut Puree by Bram, Handmade dough by Chelsea, and sliced mushrooms.

new teese

Flavor-wise, I didn’t notice a huge difference.

I admit – I’ve been a fan of Teese since it premiered in 2008. I find it similar to Follow Your Heart Mozzarella, but tastier and a tad saltier. Formerly, Teese Mozzerella used to do the pooling melt thing, but I didn’t see any of that this time.

It was overall, creamier, from the shredding to the softening.  Our dough was beginning to overcook, or else I think a few more minutes would have led to more of the sought-after ‘melting’ achievement vegans dream of every single night.

I have some more left, so I’m going to try again on another pizza, and likely, a panini.  I really like the idea of an insane pizza with a little bit of Cheelzy, the new Teese, and sauteed raab.

I hope at least one of my Daiya-happy friends chimes in with their opinion here (pssst, Chelsea)!

Over all, I’m pleased with it!  I think it’s scary to be anyone but Daiya in the vegan cheese world lately, but I’d prefer it on pizza any day.  Teese is making an effort – and perhaps they can also offer cute bags of shredded soy dairy, because I’d be all over that.

More Pizza.

new teeeeeeeeeeese

Close up:

new teese close up

Check out the slightly cooled look:


Thank you, Chicago Soy Dairy!

In other vegan cheese news:

Anyone else tried it yet?

Check out the new labels coming soon here!


  1. You know you can rely on me for an opinion. : ) I don’t know why I hate the teese flavor so much (and I did give it another try) but luckily there are other alternatives. I like the flavor of Daiya and the melting ability surpasses all others. The flavor from follow your heart is still my favorite though. I appreciate the diversity in options, since we all have different taste buds and all vegans should find something they like. Great pics!

  2. Up with Cheezly! I don’t care for FYH, Daiya or Teese. They are all ok in small amounts but I would move to Canterbury, England and live above the natural foods store there and eat grilled Cheezly every night if I could. I would work in an old map store and have tea and hob nobs every afternoon at 4-ish.

  3. I think every vegan cheese that doesn’t make me gag has plus and minuses. FYH never melts for me, but the flavor is good fresh or cooked. Daiya melts and stretches like a dream, but too much is overwhelming on the palate. Teese mozzarella (old formula) was melty and good, but either didn’t melt for me or became a pool of ridiculousness. Cheezly has a decent flavor, but it’s too…grainy.

    I’m glad you posted this because I really want to try the new version. I’m just glad I have so many options now. I remember when galaxy was my only choice….and when I had to special order FYH. How far we’ve come!

  4. Do my eyes deceive me or is it still doing the weird half melty/half solid thing? I haven’t tried my improved tube yet, but so far I’m thinking that Daiya still makes a better visual presentation.

    1. I would describe what teese is doing on this pizza as a “softening” melty. It totally did not do the pooling thing we’ve talked about before – which they referred to as “over-melting” on their letter : )

  5. I didn’t even know there was a new Teese! But I’m glad to see them stepping up to compete with Daiya. The more the companies feel the need to step up their products, the better the vegan cheese options will become. Right now, Daiya’s stolen my heart. But I have enough love to go around.

  6. What a delight to stumble on your blog! I’m a NW blogger too, but live on the north coast. Great pizza! Made me drool.

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