Vegan Bake Sale: The Rainy Day Edition

Smiling vegans and the temporary shelter of our bake sale tables…

Bake Sale in the rain

The scene: Last Thursday on NE Alberta, in front of the Green Microgym

The event: Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale Fundraiser for Try Vegan PDX & Vegan Iron Chef, one of 120 international fundraisers during the time period!

The goodies: adorable and delicious!

Special guest appearances by: a rainstorm and the Last Thursday roaming health inspector.

The volunteers: wet, but really dedicated!

The rain and Last Thursday health inspector tried to keep us down, but we prevailed!

Credit goes to the volunteers, their umbrellas, and quickly moving everything that wasn’t in cookie form into the Green Microgym after the threat from the health inspector.

Thank you to everyone who donated, including Sweetpea Baking Co. and Back to Eden Bakery!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by, regardless of the sporadic rain storms! Vegan cookies awareness.

Before the storm:


Michele’s charming South Park style sign


After the storm:


Lovely Mini Cardamom Orange and Marionberry cupcakes from Back to Eden


  • Try Vegan Week is coming August 15-22nd, featuring the third annual Vegan Prom on Saturday, August 21st – Save the Date! The theme will be revealed at the free Vegan Iron Chef After-Party!
  • Look for the Try Vegan PDX Vegan Trivia Night (with prizes!) fundraiser this July.
  • Portland’s Inaugural, SOLD OUT Vegan Iron Chef Competition is one month away! If you didn’t get a ticket, see you at the after party or next year’s bigger event.


  1. Sadness! I wanted to attend so bad, but I had a series of interviews that day and was unable to make it. Even had all the ingredients ready for GF quinoa chocolate chip cookies. I hope it went very well!

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