The Vegan Convergence is Upon Us

My friend Mike, of the vegan pig cake achievement and so much more, is gloriously and mischeviously trying to unite Portland vegans on Sunday, May 23rd.  If you’re in the Portland area, stop by!

Here are the details from the facebook event (hint: RSVP there for updates):

Hey Portland Vegan!

Ever wonder if there are other super cool vegans and vegan potlucks in PDX that you don’t know about? Even if you adore your current vegan friends, ever wonder if you’re missing out on The Others? Or maybe you’re crying to yourself over your BBQ Platter at B&B or wiping sadness away with orange fingers from the fake Cheetos that you got at Food Fight! since you don’t know any other PDX vegans. In any event, its time for all that to change.

Portland has so many little vegan sub-cultures (quadrant-specific vegans, PPK vegans, Meetup vegans, NW Veg’ers, suburb vegans, space patrol vegans, blogging vegans, tattoo vegans, biking vegans, foodshops/food cart vegans, straightedge vegans). Its hard to keep up, let alone branch out and meet new peeps. But that’s all over now. Like Ronald Reagan told Mikhail Gorbachev back in ‘87, its time to “tear down this wall.”


Show up, eat some food, talk to some folks. It’s simple. You might even meet your new vegan best friend! Worst case scenario, you leave with a full belly of vegan goodies. No time for drama. No time for cliques. Just bring a “Favorite” (is that the theme?) vegan dish (along with cutlery, plates, tongs etc.) and get ready for the best afternoon of your life. Like staring into the sun, this could be epic.

(Vegan-friendly friends invited, too!)


I’ll be stopping by after a project in the morning, though I don’t know how attentive I’ll be with the life-changing series finale of LOST that evening.  I foresee myself getting nervous when I’m not in line at the Bagdad by 5pm!

P.S. Who are the foodshop vegans? The ones that go to cute restaurants? I thought I had all my groups down!


  1. Food shop vegans are those who buy vegan food at shops. I guess i could add belt shop and clothes shop vegans, too, if they feel left out.

    And I will also be antsy/excited about LOST, but I think I’ll make it ok.

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