hey single vegans in Portland….

Thought I’d pass this along!

artwork by @gawkylu!

Speaking of thematic fun, I’m helping plan this year’s third annual Vegan Prom as part of Try Vegan Week – so expect more news soon! Sorry if this is one of those ‘I wish I lived in Portland’ things. Maybe you should. Maybe you live in Portland and noticed all the pretty vegans at last weekend’s amazing Vegan Convergence, hmmm?

p.s. help decide which future theme Vegan Prom will have on this poll!


  1. Ha ha! Portland is great and I love this event you have held is a wonderful thing. I’ve had conversations with my 12 yr old son about down the road, when he is dating, he will want to date someone who has the same ehics as him because it will be hard if he doesn’t. He already has a difficult time with his dad not being vegan.

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