The Countdown to Portland’s Inaugural Vegan Iron Chef!!!!!!!!

Who are you rooting for?

In just over a week, Portland will crown its inaugural Vegan Iron Chef!

On behalf of the organizers, can I just thank the Portland and internet vegan community and our generous sponsors and dedicated volunteers and host and Vegan Alton Brown and Judges for supporting this? A million times over! The effort has been amazing, challenging & SO worthwhile  and I’m already thinking of it as a miniature version of what’s to come next year! Real kitchens! Stadium seating!?!

The Competition was one hot ticket and quickly sold out within a couple days!! If you didn’t get a ticket, you’ll still be able to watch Portland vegan  history unfold by viewing our stream online LIVE or heading to vegetarian Backspace Cafe early to watch it on their projector.

Backspace is also the location of the FREE After-Party, featuring an anticipated set by Camping Party, the return of DJs Surival Skilz & The Jet Boat Adventurer, exciting raffles and light refreshments, including more sampling by Wayfare Foods.

See you there! Two days later, expect me to start talking about Vegan Prom, nonstop.

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Facebook: Vegan Iron Chef

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Special Thanks to our Top Sponsors:


  1. We’re really looking forward to it. I bought tickets online and got a receipt from Paypal but no tickets. Will my name be on a list or will be Paypal receipt get us in?

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