Soy Latte Round Up

You know what it takes for the posting of these examinations? Days that don’t belong in june, a return to japanese genmaicha and african rooibos, and another mild vow of cutting back on coffee. I don’t drink it daily, but goddamn So Delicious Coconut Creamer is dreamy, and I certainly broke my 1-2 soy lattes-a-week vow during the final past weeks of preparation for Vegan Iron Chef.

Here are some recent highlights in caffeination, including a stop at a sharp new favorite downtown  – Public Domain, that evolved from Portland Coffeehouse. It is remarkable how they’ve elevated! The round up completes with a summer requirement: iced soy lattes. I’ll be on the search for Portland’s best as it warms up – any recs?

Soy Latte Round Up: Public Domain
Soy Latte Round Up: Barista II. You will never, ever go wrong here. The impressive NE location just started serving beer on tap, too.
Soy Latte Round Up: Artemis Cafe, vegan-friendly, organic & sustainable cafe located on the corner of SE 12th and Division that has so much awesome to offer.
Soy Latte Round Up: Haven Coffee. The bleakest of the round up, admittedly, but I like this shop.
Green Tea Matcha Latte: Little T American Baker - I think this is magic.
Soy Latte Round Up: Public Domain (nearly positive, since this is taken in Pioneer Square)

And the beckoning of iced lattes…

Soy Latte Round Up: Raspberry Iced Latte from South East Grind - such an indulgent wonder. This place is a little out of my way, but I like it. It's nice to know it exists if I ever want good coffee at 2am.
Soy Latte Round Up: Stumptown, Ash
Soy Latte Round Up: Stumptown, SW 3rd - this was just everything I wanted, sipped as I almost shed a tear finishing Solar by Ian McEwan.
Round Up: This time, it's individually dripped Columbia Meta Lejanias single origin coffee from Cafe Velo. Beans from Heart.
Cafe Velo
Outside Cafe Velo. I really like their small but intriguing Mediterranean menu, and adore their coffee options, but it's a bit weird to see folks out flank steak when you're on a coffee break. I still intend to try the housemade falafel and flatbread.


  1. Please keep posting these round-ups! I love them! I get to play with Stumptown beans at my new job and am superexcited, but this of course is not as good as actually living in Portland. I am still stuck on hot drinks too…I can’t bring myself to order an iced latte even when it is 95+ degrees outside, just because I don’t wanna miss out on a soy capp!

  2. Hi Jess! I’ve been reading your blog for a LONG time and I love reading all about your adventures in Portland and Seattle and beyond. I think my favorite post was about your apple tasting…I wish those here in LA!

    I’m commenting because friends in my vegan community have made a fictional film about the ALF and are screening it in Portland and Seattle very soon. The film is called Bold Native and will be screening in Portland on June 24 at 5th Avenue Cinema and in Seattle on June 29 at the Northwest Film Forum. I would be so grateful if you would support the film by going to see it and by telling your friends in Portland and Seattle (it’s also scheduled to screen at the Animal Rights Conference in DC on July 16 if you have friends there). The website is here for more info and to view the trailer: . I reviewed it on my blog this week.

    Thank you so much!

  3. Hello! Long time reader over here in Australia. I love coffee and I reckon I drink at least a cup a day, averaged out. The thing that I noticed was that I was going through a helluva lot of disposable coffee cups. There are some really good reusable coffee cups you can get, and they look cool now, they’re not all the advert Starbucks ones – just sayin’! Keep up the rad blog.

    1. hi jeya! thanks for the kind note. It is something I consider and usually have my own travel mug on me for coffee, but I haven’t found one appropriate for lattes yet – thanks for the push!

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