Let Live 2010. Right now.

The annual Let Live Animal Rights Conference is currently underway. If you’re in the Portland area, you can still register at the door! Really, I’m assuming you’re awesome and caring and already signed up and got a hug from Kittee. There’s an after-party and benefit art show tonight at Portobello, another full day of classes, exhibitions (I’m tabling again in the morning for Try Vegan PDX), vegan mingling and discussions tomorrow, and the final closing party featuring Portland’s favorite vegan DJs: DJ Survival Skilz, The Jetboat Adventurer and Honest John at Portland’s favorite vegan bar: The Bye & Bye.

Image Credit: Let Live Foundation

Bonus vegan shopping opportunities, including shirts from the new Lion’s Share Industries. I picked up this one, sold by Anika, aka Veganscore, herself:

totally not me. totally some cool vegan girl on their website.

The Stumptown Vegans weren’t able to squeeze in another podcast on the subject this year, but look for one next year!

Because really, is anything better than great music, great vegans & a sweet Bye & Bye or Floor Punch on a warm day?

Update: Deanna and Chelsea smiling at the Try Vegan PDX table:

Let Live 2010

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