A Quick Vida Vegan: Who, What, Why?

I know. I can’t stop talking about that Vegan Bloggers Conference next year. Let me throw out an apology for talking so much about something I’m working on, as usual. Full disclosure: I am a co-founder of this venture, along with Janessa and Michele. Even if I wasn’t, I have no doubt that I would be just as excited about this happening, especially in Portland, OR! The quick back-story is that the lovely Janessa approached me about her genius idea over a year ago, it seems. Michele was a natural fit, being a wonder behind last summer’s inaugural Vegan Iron Chef competition and our future plans, as was our uber-talented Creative Director on both, Liz Miller. These ladies are all magical to work with.

This past week, the official speaker confirmations started rolling in, and each one makes us so damn happy! What more can I say about folks on this growing listRegistration opens freakin’ tonight, at a last-minute-scrap-a-couple-plans reduced rate, and you can read more about our heartfelt thoughts on that move here.  The goal we’re working so hard for is a seriously amazing, vegan-tastic, professional, yet inviting, two-and-a-half day, community-celebrating, educational conference. What more can I add? We’re working on this on a daily basis.  We’re stoked that we can donate 5% of all ticket sales to a farm sanctuary, and we’re trying to do even more. Again, that this conference is inviting, and encouraging to attend, bloggers from around the globe that all make me jump up and down on a regular basis, whenever someone mentions interest? That there’s this much interest, support, and respect for vegan blogging?

We are throwing the type of conference that we’d go to, (and trust me, I attend a lot of boring conferences), and we hope to see you there.

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The end, for now.



    I am so excited!

    I echo everything you said.

    And I want to add that I am Sooooooo excited to meet so many awesome vegan bloggers! The links I’ve clicked on the last few days from comments on our blog, retweets, and facebook fans have left me almost drooling with excitement to meet so many awesome people.


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