Snapshot: A Visit to Kitchen Dances

Warning! This post encourages wasting time on Flickr Picnic. I sure do.

Why you should proceed: Are you a vegan cart fanatic? Are you a tempeh reuben adventurer? Do you appreciate a damn good gravy? Are you a Proper Eats fan? Did you miss Piper? Is this simply in your google reader? Please, proceed.

It’s clearly too early to join the inevitable food cart backlash (kidding!) and just the right time to enjoy covered, outdoor seating before winter really begins to roar in Portland (kidding, again).

Despite joking about the names of the newer cart lots – Good Food Here on SE Belmont, A La Carts on SE 51st (home of a solar powered Veggie Burger cart!!), and D-Street Noshery on SE Division – my friends and I had a nice, leisurely dinner at the first last weekend.  There are a few carts  at Good Food Here with vegan-friendly options, such Numi’s vegan bowl (think: cabbage and rice, but I hear nice things), Lucille’s Balls, Aybla Grill (meh), and a couple others – but the vegans came for Kitchen Dances.

Besides everything I briefly mentioned, while urging you to proceed to this vegan cart, I’ll add that what I tried: the special nori roll and breakfast burrito, served open-faced, were both vegan comfort food at its freshest.

The Snapshots:


  1. aw, i DO miss Piper!! he’s the nicest. also, dangit, now i have to go to Proper and get a Rueben. ever since they started with the table service i just don’t want to eat there anymore, it takes forever.

  2. Kitchen Dances is awesome. I have loved everything I’ve had there… just wish Piper would bring back the Roots Wrap I had on my first visit!

  3. i’ve eaten there once, so far. i got the raw ravioli, which was thinly sliced beets stuffed with hazelnut-basil pesto and cashew cheese and a marinara on top. it was healthy tasting, in a good way, and light. only problem was that it wasn’t filling. oh, and a little awkward to eat since there weren’t knives, i had to stuff the whole thing in my mouth…kinda like eating certain sushi rolls…

    i look forward to trying the Reuben, Proper Eats has my favorite one so i have high hopes.

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