A Day in the Life: Onwards, Marsala

Continuing on my classy streak with a dinner pairing from the versatile 500 Vegan Recipes, which is by two lovely ladies I dig: Tofu Marsala and Sesame Kale
It just may be the week of marsala.

My variations from the original entrée recipe were the use of cremini mushrooms vs. button, and the addition of a wee bit of minced garlic. The meal was oh so elegantly paired with a glass of black currant juice.


  1. Looks lovely even if mushrooms are my thing most vegans love, but I don’t. I love the sesame kale idea lots – will need to try that soon. Last week we had kale with onions, garlic & soy curls – pretty yummy.

    Although I will say this amazing mushroom dish the chef sent out when we went to Andina for my birthday had both of us reconsidering mushrooms if they were made for us that way all the time!

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