Omelette emulation

Vegan Brunch tofu omelette filled with seared asparagus, red bell peppers and crumbled, smoked potato cheese. Served with curry roasted potatoes and field greens with lemon.

I started to write a couple of corny ‘Fakin’ It’ style post titles above and had to stop myself.

If I was attempting to melt less-than-favorable vegan cheese slices on said tofu omelette, that would be sadly, faking it.

If I was upping the turmeric factor to the level of neon overload, that would be faking it – and pretty damn trippy.

However, I’m not, and don’t think the recipe is going for that, either. It’s a matter of creative emulation. The vegan omelette above is not desperate vegan rip off or a faux omelette or fake omelette or whatnot.

It’s a new original. [Recipe from Vegan Brunch]

One of the reasons I’m involved with Portland’s Vegan Iron Chef organization is because I truly believe – and have seen – flavorful, artisan, vegan cuisine.

This deep thoughts brunch-for-dinner contained no artificial ingredients, and with the exception of locally produced silken tofu and a bulk-purchased curry powder blend, was made from scratch. I certainly think it’s legitimate to call this vegan tofu omelette an omelette, and with the assistance of black salt and a nice pinch of that turmeric, it not only looks and somewhat tastes crazy reminiscent of the real thing, it was cooked on my large omelette/crepe pan.


a lady who had BBQ tofuffalo for dinner this week,


Test run #1: smoked potato cheese

Truth: Every time I attempt vegan omelettes, I have a varying success rate of 25% – 50%. Go, go patience.


  1. Given your post title, I am tempted to call it an “emulette” – too far?!?

    I’ve never even tried a vegan omelette. 😦 I guess I was always ambivalent about eggy omelettes, so I’ve never been super tempted to try a vegan version. But thinking of it as a “new original” puts a whole new spin on things. Time to search for that black salt!

  2. Until you started blogging about it, I had no idea there was such a thing as a stovetop smoker. Does it fill up the house with a lot of smoke or stong smells (I have a little lovebird who might not react well to that).

    One day, I will make an omlette just like yours. Only if I don’t wreck my cast iron pan again 😦

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