Mystery Meatout & Hidden Gems: A Quick Sneak Peak

This weekend marks the annual international Meatout, the “world’s largest grassroots diet education campaign”. Here in Portland, the dedicated volunteers at NW Veg and Try Vegan PDX have joined up for a day of activities featuring an open flash mob of vegan positivity downtown, a large NW Veg potluck in SE, and a presentation on Portland’s hidden gems by yours truly afterwards (just ignore the ridiculous description of myself on the site)! I’ve been busy researching and investigating for this dramatic expose, if you will, the past few weeks, and I’ll be showcasing 10-15 vegan-friendly locations in the PDX area that may not be on your radar……yet. It’s time for secrets & hidden gems!

Here’s a couple fairly easy sneak peaks the local bulk shoppers should recognize….

Where are these hallowed halls?

Now take a close look at this fried rice….

What local establishment makes a lemongrass flavored tofu available by the lb?

More dramatic unveiling & favorites coming Sunday night, 6:30pm at the Multnomah Friends Meeting House on SE Stark.

Also happening this weekend: Food Fight! vegan grocery is generously donating 10% of all in-store sales to Japanese Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support groups. More ways to directly donate are on the link as well.


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