Baby, you’ve got a Bad Reputation…

Bad Reputation vegan slice, Caligula Caesar, PBR. It's almost like I'm a real person or something.

Just a quick update on a busy day – the Portland Farmers Market returned this morning (!!!!!!!), and I’ll have a bunch of photos to share from my produce wanderings soon. Adventures with Daiya wise, the slice above featured a bit too much of the beloved vegan cheese for me – overloading the super thin crust I appreciate so – but you locals in the cult of Daiya will go wild. I have no doubt. Just look at that crazy melt.

That being said, eating a slice of thin crust pizza, side salad & PBR in Sizzle Pie is still damn glorious.


  1. Gah! I need to go there. Even though I’m not a fan of Daiya, the thought of ordering a slice of pizza makes me think I could handle it.

      1. The bad experience didn’t totally ruin it for me, I just don’t like the texture. It grosses me out when there’s a lot of it on pizza.

  2. although i love daiya, i thought the sizzle pie slice i had went a ltitle intense with the daiya too. but that being said, i still totally would go back. i did really like the thin pizza … i can’t wait to try their breakfast stuff!

  3. I love the pizza at this place. The caramelized onion spread they make is fantastic. And I’m just elated that I can get vegan pizza at 3am, then cruise close-in East Burn for hookers and crack afterward.

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