Pesto-stuffed Chickpea Cutlet Balls & Television

So, I’m a television fanatic. It hails back to my days of sharing a bedroom with my younger siblings and quietly watching The X-Files while sitting a foot away from the  television screen (seeing both films on opening day), and evolved into obsession via the same small television set with the first episode of Buffy during my freshman year of high school. I may have just as many memories of Xander and Willow as I do my real life friends, woops. There aren’t many shows I watch on a dedicated, weekly basis now (or that I’d admit so quickly). I still resist Hulu for the most part and can instantaneously open my out-dated rant about how the real LOST fans are those who were watching during Season 1 and went insane the rest of the week for six onwards years – and even worse, during summer hiatus – and then, the writer’s block. The suspense! The attempt at patience! The gift of a new episode!

This is pretty normal Jess-in-person ranting and it would be out-of-place on this here post if it wasn’t for the following connection – my new found-love for Bob’s Burgers. I adore Home Movies – it’s one of the few dvd sets I actually own, so I gave it this new series a chance, and I’ve been hooked since week one. It’s pretty damn nostalgic to find myself looking forward to Sunday evenings again! I’m a sucker for the parents’ sweet antics and accents, and these may be the most entertaining kids I’ve seen on television since Brendon, Melissa and Jason, of course. Back to the point – on the latest episode, a spaghetti and meatball dinner was featured, and 24 hours later, I was sitting down to this vegan version.

Bob's Burgers inspired dinner: baked pesto-stuffed chickpea cutlet balls, homemade marinara, multi-grain spaghetti, steamed kale

The chickpea cutlet recipe is from Veganomicon, no surprise. I’ve baked the dough as balls many times in the past, and I usually add marjoram and basil into the mix. This time, I flattened circles of the dough and added a small dollop of homemade raab pesto, carefully formed it back into a ball, and baked them at 400F for 20 minutes, flipped the balls, and baked an additional 15 minutes at 425F. I would declare “Bon Appetit!”, but Gene’s not here to usher us out with a dramatic keyboard solo.

P.S. Admittedly, I have gone and blogged many LOST-obsessed meals. Speaking of, Jorge Garcia making almond milk = be still, my freaking heart.

I’ll likely find myself making some Bob’s inspired veggie burgers soon!


  1. This is awesome. I remember freaking out about Don’t Eat Off the Sidewalk’s stuffed chickpea cutlets during MoFo and here I am freaking out again about stuffed balls! Heh. My boyfriend would love these.
    Just so happens I watched this episode over his shoulder a few days ago. Glad you’re so on top of TV-themed food!

  2. JESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Bob’s Burgers. And I want that plate of chickpea cutlet balls in front of me right now!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. I remember falling in love with Buffy a while back after someone had given me season 2 of Angel. I decided I couldn’t watch that til I got caught up with Buffy first. I had no idea I was going to fall in love with Buffy (the Show) and Willow by far was the coolest. Though admittingly I did kinda want to be Spike or at least hangout with him. I know what a dork but what can I say hehe.

    I have really been enjoying Bob’s Burger a lot lately. It too reminds me of Home Movies. The first time I saw this show I thought of Mr. McGuirk. Then the kids reminded me of Brendan, Melissa and Jason and how much I enjoyed watching Home Movies on Adult Swim years ago.

    Your food looks amazing. I look forward to seeing more of your tv inspired meals. Keep rockin’ it lady!!

  4. What a cool idea! I absolutely love the chickpea cutlets, but I’ve never thought of making them as balls or stuffing them. I do love trying new kinds of balls for spaghetti, too.

    I have to say, I hear you about Lost. I miss it so much now that it’s off air. I used to listen to a twice a week podcast about the show, too. It was so fun listening to all of the different takes on what was happening and having with crazy theories.

    I still watch Buffy at least once a week, too. 🙂

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