I went to Seattle VegFest and returned with a lot of tea

It’s true! One would think it would be locally roasted coffee, but I have a whole lot of random tea bags waiting for me at home. I picked up a few coupons and sampled most of the new vegan items amongst the vegetarian (more on this below), got my Field Roast on, did several shots of coconut water, casually spread the word about Vida Vegan Con with the Voyager, but most importantly, I saw friends and took a much-needed mini vacation!  Here’s a quick run down and photos…

Best in Show: Prometheus Springs Capsaicin Elixirs. Invigorating, spicy beverages with exotic, stimulating flavor combinations such as Lychee Wasabi, Citrus Cayenne and Pomegranate Black Pepper. I only hope I can find these in Portland!

Saddest in Show: The Burgerville cow ad at the Chez Gourmet table.

I wish this was in Portland: Small Planet Tofu. My mysterious day job has taken me to Spokane on more than one occasion, and Huckleberry’s Market, along with its bulk, seasoned tofu, spreads and tofu scrambles is always something I look forward to. It’s cool, keep it local – I’ll pick more up on a road trip one day…

Note: Seattle Vegfest organizers, your mass of volunteers was an impressive sight, and certainly friendly – but maybe a briefing on vegetarian vs. vegan next time around? Postings would be helpful. I was warned in advance that VegFest is is more of a ‘vegetarian fest’, which is funny for a city that’s been such a ground-breaker in the vegan community, and sure enough, there were many product samples that weren’t vegan, which is fine, but in addition, there were quite a few volunteers who weren’t sure of the difference. I found myself reading more labels than I’ve done in years. Yikes! It was an odd feeling to feel like a left out vegan….at a VegFest.

Onwards to the photo tour…

Tea & Coupons
The crowd - can you spot Vegan Moxie?

Prometheus Springs’ magic elixirs

Finally clarified which Chez Gourmet Burgers are actually vegan!
Team Wayfare, promoting their new sour cream, chocolate pudding, and my favorite, the hickory cheese spread
Creepiest in show - but remarkable!

This vegan seafood is damn impressive and based on a root - I wasn't a fan of the cioppino, but below...
Yeah, the breaded vegan calamari was crazy fascinating. I would buy this in the future.
Looking for serious vegetarian guidance? Consulting & mentoring opportunities are all around.
White Mountain's tamales had a dulled spice factor. Oh, frozen food.
I want this.
The mime works the coconut creamer.
YES, I TRIED THIS BEFORE YOU. YES, IT WAS PEPPERY. YES, IT WAS SPICY. Alas, not my jam.I swear, there were people passing around around this station.
Some popcorn sampling?


MIGHTY-O! How can you resist?
Chez Gourmet
I have no idea what's happening here, but I had to document it. My guess is chili.
Hard-working volunteer action.
And yes, it looked like this the whole time. I lived in my cowgirl rain boots.
Of course, a stop was made at Sidecar.
Where I sensibly picked up a couple fresh Mighty-Os to bring home.
Shockingly, there was no time for coffee?! And yet, I even stayed next door to the downtown Trabant.
I may still be digesting this killer Chicken fried steak plate from Wayward, but it was worth it.
My friend KJ, ready to devour her veggie omelette - within mere minutes!
One day, I will actually make it here.
More food! My friend Anika (you read VeganScore, right? Right!) took a break from the VegFest madness for lunch at Bamboo Garden. Pictured above is the Tofu Skin Hot Pot with Szechwan sauce. Possibly the best Chinese dish I've tried in Seattle yet.
Sweet & Sour orange glazed Chicken Ballz. Exactly.
Seattle, I'll see ya again at May's Vegan Chili Cook-off!


  1. Agree… Agree… With ALL of the above! Definitely need more VEGAN ambassadors at Vegfest.
    And on another note… You’re coming to the chili cook-off? AWESOME AWESOME!!!! I’m cooking for it……. and only SLIGHTLY intimidated!!! Finally we’ll get to meet!

  2. hey, jess
    yes, those weird flavored spicy drinks are around here somewhere. a couple ended up at my house. ask kittee, i think that’s who gave them to us…or…hm…yeah, i don’t remember…
    also, Small Planet tofu is available around here somewhere, maybe Food Front or another co-op?

  3. The tofu skin hotpot is absolutely my favorite dish at Bamboo Garden. I get it just about every time I’m there — just can’t help myself.

    I was thinking the same thing about how nice it would be if the volunteers knew which items were vegan and gluten-free. We COULD read the labels at the start of our shift.

  4. Everything looks great! There was something like this (I assume) in NYC today but I couldn’t make it! Now I’m bummed but will make up for it by reading your post again.

    I’m also quite intrigued by those Prometheus Elixirs…

  5. Awww, so happy to see pictures of my old home, rainy Seattle. Kind of makes me miss all of my favorite spots. But I’m starting to figure out my new Portland go-to’s 🙂

  6. Great review and photos! I volunteered at VegFest this year and got stuck at the Melt booth before I realized that it wasn’t even vegan! (Still can’t understand why someone would create a butter substitute and put butter in it!) Next year I will be sure to ask to work at a vegan product booth. And I totally agree, vegan labeling is such a no-brainer, why don’t they do it? I’ll send off an email to Veg of WA with the suggestion.

  7. I have that breaded vegan calamari in my freezer and I have been waiting for the right time to bust it out. I’m glad to hear it is good, did you try their fish fillets too?

  8. You (and others who attended as well) are so making me wish I’d have tried the calamari/other vegan seafoods! I’ve never really been into seafood so that’s prob why I passed them up, ha. I totally agree re: volunteer confusion, too, and hopefully they’ll do a better job informing them beforehand next year.

    PS: I also loved those Prometheus Elixirs.

    PPS: I can’t wait to see you again soon!

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