The Vida Vegan Con Ticket & Doughnut Giveaway Contest!

Update: And the contest is closed! Thank you for guys for all the super creative, catchy entries. We’ll be reviewing all songs and announcing the winner on May 20th.

In case you haven’t heard, the first Vida Vegan Bloggers Conference is already sold out. Say what?!?, I know.

In case you haven’t heard me mention it yet, I’m one of 3 organizers behind this excitement, and with that, comes bloggy insanity, fantastically rewarding productivity  – and a few perks. One of them may be a lifetime supply of Coconut Bliss (well, a girl can dream…), and another is this ticket giveaway contest! Since I find myself in love with karaoke a few times a year, and I’m not-so-secretly pushing for a Vida Vegan karaoke adventure (who’s in?!), the call is for a Vida Vegan 2011 song! I’d say Let’s Get Bloggy With It, but that’s exactly why I’m not writing the song, and this is an open contest for anyone with a serious interest in attending this unique conference. I vow this will rule, because frankly, I really like throwing vegan events and we won’t let you down! Do you SEE this line up?

The Contest: Write a song! It can be a theme song or commercial jingle – it’s up to your creative side. We ask you to capture the anticipation of the world’s first vegan bloggers conference. Youtube videos and MP3s are preferred, but we’ll take written submissions as well.

Requirements: The mention of being “vegan” and Vida Vegan Con somewhere in your lyrics, and the absolute intention to attend. There is no re-gifting of complimentary registrations, but you’re more than welcome to receive inspiration and assistance from friends. To learn more about the conference, check out the F.A.Q.

How to Enter: Leave a comment with a link to your submission. You’re welcome to enter as many times as you like.

The Prize: One Complimentary Weekend Registration – including all conference meals & a SWAG bag. Travel and accommodations are up to you.  We have a page full of tips on that, btw.

Deadline: The deadline for submissions will be May 15, 2011. The winner will be announced on May 20, 2011, so they have plenty of time to arrange their trip to the conference.

Bonus: We’ll make a playlist of videos received on the Vida Vegan Con YouTube channel, and share our favorites on the Facebook and Twitter. And what the hell, I’ll throw in a VooDoo doughnut to sweeten the deal:

McMinnville Creme

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email VidaVeganConference [at]


  1. Karaoke contest, ftw!! My ticket’s already bought and paid for and I am voting “yes” to this adventure. 😀

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s submissions!

  2. Whoa, a lifetime supply of Coconut Bliss would be amazing! (I know this isn’t what’s happening, my brain just got all excited at the thought.) Ryan picked out Ginger Cookie Caramel last night…it was something I’d never choose, but it was delicious!

  3. I was saddened to hear no one had done a song yet!
    Although I don’t have a blog yet, I hope to some day! (A vegan and a veggie living in rural country, plenty of topics right there!)

    So, I made you guys a song during my lunch break. There is no way in hell I will sing it on video 🙂 Might sing it if there was a huge crowd to hide behind.

    Hopefully it kind of follows the Brady Bunch song (I wasn’t going to sing out loud while writing it, people might stare….)

    Here you go!

    (Please “attempt” to sing to the theme of the Brady Bunch)

    Here’s the story,
    of some lovely ladies
    Who were uniting vegan bloggers across the world.
    All of theme liked to eat lots of veggies,
    And sometimes a giant bowl of soy curls.

    They found,
    Some awesome sponsors,
    Like the Golden Beet Coconut Bliss,
    And The Vegan Voice.

    Now once day, in August (starting on the 26th)
    We all can come together, and have a tasty vegan brunch.
    You’ll get a “swag bag of wonder,”
    And learn how to build a better blog!

    Don’t forget the gala-rama,
    Plus vegan fashion too.

    I’ve heard that they will have Kittee,
    Isa and Terry,
    Urban House Wife,
    And Nom, Nom, Nom. Just to name a few.

    So, lets all come together,
    And head to Portland,
    For Vida Vegan con!
    Vida Vegan Con, Vida Vegan Con,
    We all get to hang out,
    At the Vida Vegan con!

  4. Sorry! This one should work!

    Here are the lyrics:

    I’ll be seeing ya at Vida Vegan Con
    We’ll all be bloggin’ it up after Vida Vegan Con
    It’ll be too bad if I can’t meet Vegan Dad
    I hope he found a sitter
    And you’ll hear me groan
    if I can’t Get Sconed!
    Come on Jess, don’t make me bitter.
    I’ll be seeing ya at Vida Vegan Con
    I want my golden ticket and I’ll sing for it
    to get to Vida Vegan Con
    The roster is smokin’ and I am not jokin’
    I’m a blogger with an appetite!
    I’m gonna learn all I can ’cause I’m just a rabid fan
    of every Epicurious, Post-Punk delight!
    I’ll be seeing ya at Vida Vegan Con
    If this doesn’t work I may sneak my way into
    Vida Vegan Con
    There’s Supervegans and there’s Spicy Vegans
    a Vegansaurus who isn’t extinct!
    There’s Compassionate Cooks writing
    compassionate books
    I need tips, I need tricks, bites, and to get linked!
    So hopefully I’ll be seeing you
    If not I’ll just keep cyber-stalking you
    but hopefully you’ll sing with me too (EVERYBODY!)
    at Vida Vegan Con!

  5. Toe tappin’
    Straight rappin’
    ‘Bout Vida Vegan
    Win a free weekend
    I got it
    Usin’ my wit
    To get
    A visit with Ms. Scone.
    Date ballin’
    yes y’allin’
    Get in the Portland zone.

  6. I’m having problems posting the link. If you go to my blog, there’s a link to the video there. Here are the lyrics:

    This is a song about vegan blogging madness
    The “it” event of the year that only the veg heads know about
    This is a song about grown adults getting together to discuss nooch, soy, and living gluten free
    I wanna go
    I wanna go

    I wanna go to Vida Vegan Con
    But it cost $250 bucks yeah
    I wanna go to Vida Vegan Con
    And hang out with other vegan bloggers yeah
    Blog, Blog, Blog
    Blog, Blog, Blog

    I’ll win that Voodoo Doughnut, if it forking kills me!

    Gonna gain 20lbs. while I’m there
    Gonna sit in a chair
    Recipes and some pie
    Feel so good I’m gonna cry
    Blog, Blog, Blog
    Blog, Blog, Blog

    It’s in PDX
    That’s where you’ll find me, yeah!

  7. Alright – here is my entry! My name is Lindsay Wolf – I’m the founder of “Kiss Me, I’m Vegan,” a blog for the happy vegan in all of us. You can learn more at

    My hubby surprised me one morning with this beautiful, hilarious rendition of “Part of Your World,” because he knew how desperately I’ve wanted to be a part of this conference ever since i first learned about it. I originally wanted to be a speaker at it, but now, I just want to get to go! If my hubby could also join me, that would be icing on the vegan cake.

    Without further adieu, here’s “Completely Vegan”!

      1. Here are the lyrics to our entry video (

        “Completely Vegan”
        written by Steven Todd Smith
        performed by Lindsay Wolf
        adapted from “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid

        Look at this soy!
        Isn’t it neat?
        How could one ever eat animal meat?
        With spices and sauces I can
        Make this SO tasty!
        Look at this milk!
        Yep, dairy-free!
        Almond, coconut, and hazelnut, see!
        Who ever thought it’d be fine
        To steal from a mama cow?
        I’ve got veggies and fruits all a-plenty
        Also Isa’s cookies in a tin (peanut butter chocolate pillows!)
        Amino acids?
        I’ve got all twenty
        No big deal
        So easy
        I’m vegan!

        I wanna be where the vegans are
        I wanna go to Vida Vegan Con
        Drinking green tea with…who?
        Oh, Colleen Patrick Goudreau!

        Where love for the animals goes too far
        For cows and for chickens, for goats and piggies
        Seeing them smile and live makes me… what’s the word?

        Where they can walk, where they can run
        Where they can play all day in the sun
        Wanderin’ free, wish the world could be
        Completely vegan

        What would I give for my father to stop eating chickens?
        What would I pay for a lifetime supply of Coconut Bliss?
        I certainly pray for that special day
        When people would think about their choices
        Care and compassion, ethical action
        Candle Café!!!!

        I’m ready to go to Vida Vegan Con
        Meet some cool people and share my blog with
        All these vegans who, you know
        Really care for the world

        Please vote for this girl
        Because I would love to spend just three days in Portland above (of Los Angeles, where I live, it’s just north, you know)
        Out of Cali
        Wish I could be
        With all the vegans!

    1. My vote is for Lindsay Wolf, she outdoes herself with every entry of her blog and I should know, I have been there since almost the beginning.
      Her song (thanks to Steve for the great words) and video are wonderfully creative and deserve a trip to Vida Vegan Con.
      My fingers are crossed.

  8. Here’s my entry, a parody of Adam Sandler’s Happy Hanukkah Song. I hope it conjures up some of the excitement about the upcoming first vegan bloggers’ convention! Woot woot! Thanks for hosting this contest. My husband and I had lots of fun working on it!

  9. And here are the lyrics:

    Put your Herbivore t-shirt on, It’s time for Vida Vegan Con,
    We’re gonna get our nooch on, from Saigon to Oregon,

    Vida Vegan Con is a festival of blogs,
    And in the process it helps chickens, cows, and hogs,

    When you feel like the only kid in town who shuns camembert and brie,
    Here’s a list of people who are vegan just like you and me,

    Woody Harrelson drinks green smoothies,
    While Prince and Casey Kasem nosh Tofutti Cuties,

    Trainer Bob Harper eats non-dairy Biggest Loser Ranch,
    So do Jason Mraz, Linda Blair, and Dennis Kucinich,

    Ellen DeGeneres is vegan; Portia DeRossi too,
    When they get together, they make cheese from cashews!

    You don’t need Mickey D’s, Taco Bell, or Burger King,
    Cause you can raise a glass to Coretta Scott King! (She was vegan!)

    You can count the Esselstyn’s – Rip and Caldwell – as your buddy,
    Along with T. Colin Campbell from The China Study,

    Veggie pizza with Daiya – Just can’t beat it,
    Have a slice with Weird Al; He’ll be glad to Eat It.

    Isa Chandra Moskowitz puts black salt in her fritatta,
    Terry Hope Romero makes a mean bean enchilada,

    Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is a cook who’s compassionate,
    Why do vegan authors all have names in triplicate?

    Grill-master George Foreman looks at vegans with scorn,
    But guess who’s chowing down on grilled ears of corn? Mike Tyson!

    Tell Josh Hooten – bring the vital wheat gluten!
    Howard Lyman, The Mad Cowboy, will start rooten’ and tooten,

    So grind your flaxseed-a con in your Vitamix-acon,
    We’re gonna have some fun-acon at this Happy, happy, happy, Vida Vegan Con.

  10. Lindsay Wolf’s “Completely Vegan” is an amazing catchy vegan song! The music video is just as wonderful 🙂 KMIV would be the perfect rep at the conference to learn and bring that info back to her bloggers.

  11. My vote goes to Lindsay Wolf, who writes an inspirational, uplifting vegan blog. Her video expresses her deep compassion for animals and the vegan lifestyle that is evident in her blog. She’ll be sharing her experience at Vida Vegan Con so lovingly, creatively, and effectively on her blog.

  12. Hi. The mp3 of my song submission, “Vida Vegan Con” is on my reverbnation profile:

    Here are the lyrics:

    Gather round such a curious thing
    with a sis, bam, boom, and rah.
    The miracle that you’ll be witnessing
    is Vida Vegan Con.

    Come right in, nice to meet ya.
    Don’t eat yer creature please.
    Just as a courtesy
    keep it murder-free.

    Satisfy your curiousity
    at the Vida Vegan Con.
    You’re comin’ off a wee bit tourist-y…

    Did you travel days, over mountain high
    through the valley low, under blu-ray skies?
    On a cherry wave, on a sugar high,
    keep the calorie low in the apple pie.

    How would you like to come down
    sample the tasty wares?
    How’s that cookie crumble? How, now, does that pastry

    Never was a three-ring thing-a-ma-jig
    like the Vida Vegan Con.
    I wouldn’t harm a hair on the chinny-chin-chin of a pig…

    If they paid me loads, if they got me high,
    if they said the Pope was my alibi.
    Think of what the beasts are apparently worth
    when they say the meek shall inherit the earth.

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