The Supreme Master is coming to SW Jefferson

There's a Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant coming to SW 13th & Jefferson, for real.

After a decade plus spent in obligatory knee socks and plaid skirts, I may not be a fan of organized religions, but there’s a lot to like about the Quan Yin Method, as practiced by the enigmatic Supreme Master Ching Hai and her thousands of worldwide supporters. For one thing, the philosophies embrace veganism and compassion for all living creatures. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian with a penchant for soy protein, travelling and internet access, odds are you’ve eaten at one of their usually Chinese and/or Vietnamese restaurants across the globe. Unless you happened to pick up a pamphlet or noticed the Supreme Master TV channel (who were rad and recorded last year’s Vegan Iron Chef in PDX…somewhere!), you may not have even realized that your Sweet & Sour “beef” was prepared by a chef with something of a ‘cult’ affiliation. For more thoughts on the Supreme Master movement, check out this piece on ‘A Cult I Can Live With?’ posted by Our Hen House last year. I’m in agreement, because more vegan restaurants is a good thing in principle and actuality, right? If you have more to say about their movement, please leave a comment, I’d like to hear it – I’m simply here to talk about their new addition in Portland.

If you’re vegan or vegetarian in the Portland area, odds are you’ve eaten at one of the Supreme Master run restaurants, which includes Vegetarian House and their weekday lunch buffet downtown, and Sweet Lemon Vegetarian Bistro in Hillsboro, whose salad rolls you can find in Whole Foods and Food Fight!, as well. I’ve yet to visit Sweet Lemon (bad, bad Stumptown Vegan, I know!) and I can’t say I find myself at the Veg House that often, but I had a great lunch at Loving Hut in Seattle this past winter, and that’s where the sweet anticipation steps in. There was briefly talk of another vegan restaurant moving into the short-lived Green Lady spot downtown, but that spot proves mysterious and the new Loving Hut is officially moving next to my beloved Chef Naoko Bento (which appears on the so-called Hidden Gems list I’ve hinted at, which is really coming) on SW Jefferson and 13th. I saw moving-in going on with my own freaking eyes.

In short, there’s a new vegan restaurant opening downtown! I could go on my lunch hour! You could go after a trip to the Saturday farmers market! You could go after class at PSU! After your cheapo haircut at Beau Monde!


Vermicelli House Special from Loving Hut in Seattle, WA
Did the short-lived Green Lady Cafe location awning actually say that?

Update: Right after I hit “publish”, I decided to google “Loving Hut Portland” for any recent information, and low and behold, my girl Green Vegan Living is on top of things!


  1. Definitely looking forward to trying this! I’m also hoping it’s the first of many–particularly in the burbs. It would be a great healthy lunch option for those of us that work in Hillsboro/Beaverton!

  2. Awesome! I love eating at Loving Hut!
    Regarding the Supreme Master Ching Hai, I think it’s really sad that there’s all the “cult” talk floating around online. I’ve watched the tv channel and met her followers, and they were all very lovely people. What she teaches is all about being compassionate and finding the God within all sentient beings. I’ve seen some really negative (and irrelevant) comments, but then I couldn’t find anything scary or enigmatic after actually finding out about them firsthand. I just hope people can be more open-minded and go to Loving Hut to enjoy the AMAZING food and service…and realize that the compassionate diet is actually really easy and the most rewarding! =] =] Thanks Jess for bringing the good news!

  3. There are 2 locations in GA and I am close to both of them. I love there buffets, very economically priced. Great selection of food and authentic meat subsitutes.

  4. I’m so excited for you peeps in Portland! I’ve been to Loving Huts all over the world and they are always filled with delicious food and good energy. They are franchises of SMCH’s followers.

    I agree with swimsillygoose, it’s really sad that they get such a bad rep. SM has helped more people go vegan than any other organization globally and has given people all over the world access to delicious vegan food. I’ve worked with the SM team in LA and in Bangkok and they were so nice, professional, and I would work with them again in a heartbeat.

  5. While I love the restaurants, and there are 3 in SF, I just want to warn that there are indeed stories of families who have have been destroyed because of this cult. There are millions of followers who get sucked in big time and give all their money to the supreme master.

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