Tempeh & Strawberries

Not together. Not this time. One day, I’ll make the strawberry jalapeño sauce I’ve been simmering in my head for the past few years. Let’s call it July and grill some tempeh.

Rewind to my Portland farmers market stroll this past Saturday morning, and I was getting my farmar on.

Strawberry season beckons. BECKONS.
It took a lot of reserve to not buy a flat, as I'm leaving the country today on vacation! A pint, for sure.
I'll suffer through this sunlight business for asparagus season.
Farmers Markets haul, 4/30/2011, including locally produced, organic tempeh from Cascade Naturals.

This new stand, Cascade Naturals, will be at the Portland State farmers market the last Saturday of the month. If you dig tempeh, you need to check this out. It’s the freshest, creamiest tempeh I’ve ever tried. If you’re one of those people that prefer to boil or steam your tempeh before using – throw that out the window!

Recent creations follow.

Mini Strawberry Pancakes. Maple Syrup. Pancake recipe from Vegan Brunch. This is almost what normall people do on relaxing Sunday mornings? Tempeh scramble using you know what, bringing up the rear.
(Pre-strained) Rhubard & Rangpur Lime Syrup. Tart. Love.
You saw the glee over the strawberries above. You may know it's PPK pie testing season. This makes total sense. Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb. Vegan Pie in the Sky Test Kitchen.
recent farmar-y lunch: cornmeal, nooch, flour & herb coated smoked tempeh (from a new tempeh stand at the farmar the last weekend of the month), smoked asparagus, baby lettuce and wild rice cooked in v. chix broth. I ❤ my lil stovetop smoker.
Someone picked up 2 bags of Teese sticks at Food Fight! on their inaugural day of sale. Someone is full of anticipation.

With that, I’m off duty from work and projects for a week and an hour away from my flight to British Columbia for my first Canadian vacation with some dear friends for a few days. Bon Voyage! More pies & hidden gems & seasonal produce & Vegan Iron Chef chatter (PDX tickets are on sale and flying, zomg!) when I return.


  1. Oooh, there were no strawberries at the King Market, so I’m super jealous. Your tart looked awesome! Have a great time in BC – I just went there in March and enjoyed myself immensely.

  2. What kind of smoker do you use? You mentioned it on an earlier blog and I found a few on Amazon that I have been eyeing. It sounds like a fantastic device.

  3. Where do I start! I so want to try that tempeh and that pie looks DIVINE! We’re so lucky to have an abundance of strawberries out here in the west. Non-sprayed strawberries up the street from us….so nice.

    I’m looking forward to you making that strawberry jalepeno sauce which I think would be a lovely glaze for tempeh.

    Have a safe trip and enjoy it too!

  4. Mmm! I love strawberry season! I actually made the PPK Vegan Strawberry Rhubarb pie last night and it was beyond amazing! My friend that’s not vegan didn’t even realize that the pie wasn’t made with butter or lard! She said it was really amazing 🙂

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