The Vida Vegan Con Entries

I’ll be announcing the winner of the Vida Vegan Con song contest tomorrow. In the meantime, who wants to join me as I get these song submissions stuck in my head again for the next 24 hours? Best vegan-conference-related playlist ever.


Jessica Rose Western’s Vida Vegan Con theme:

Lindsay Wolf’s “Completely Vegan”:

Jen aka Jewbacca’s Vida Vegan Con song:

Cadry’s Kitchen’s “Happy Vida Vegan Con”:


Carissa Thorpe’s “Place to Be”:


You can blog about your day 
You can blog to have your say You can blog about your dinner, or your lunch 
You can blog about nothing, just because 
You can post about injustice 
Or the sweetness of your first vegan kiss 

You can rally up your troops 
Or pass on the latest non-dairy scoop 

But if you want more readers 
And you want to meet the leaders
Of these online communities, 
Then take it from me – Vida Vegan Con is the vegan place to be 

There will be learning and much laughter 
And oh-so-many workshops, 
To cover all you’re after 

There’s no time to waste, 
Copy or paste 
Tickets for Vida Vegan Con 
Are goin’, goin’, they are gone 

If you don’t have no ticket 
You ain’t gettin’ in, no way 
You’ll just have to stick it 
Out until next year 
And be sure to buy your ticket right away 

‘Cause take it from me Vida Vegan Con is the vegan place to be

Ryan Thompson’s Vida Vegan Con song


Gather round such a curious thing
with a sis, bam, boom, and rah.
The miracle that you’ll be witnessing
is Vida Vegan Con.

Come right in, nice to meet ya.
Don’t eat yer creature please.
Just as a courtesy
keep it murder-free.

Satisfy your curiousity
at the Vida Vegan Con.
You’re comin’ off a wee bit tourist-y…

Did you travel days, over mountain high
through the valley low, under blu-ray skies?
On a cherry wave, on a sugar high,
keep the calorie low in the apple pie.

How would you like to come down
sample the tasty wares?
How’s that cookie crumble? How, now, does that pastry

Never was a three-ring thing-a-ma-jig
like the Vida Vegan Con.
I wouldn’t harm a hair on the chinny-chin-chin of a pig…

If they paid me loads, if they got me high,
if they said the Pope was my alibi.
Think of what the beasts are apparently worth
when they say the meek shall inherit the earth.

Libby’s Vida Vegan Con song lyrics:

(Please “attempt” to sing to the theme of the Brady Bunch)

Here’s the story,
of some lovely ladies
Who were uniting vegan bloggers across the world.
All of theme liked to eat lots of veggies,
And sometimes a giant bowl of soy curls.

They found,
Some awesome sponsors,
Like the Golden Beet Coconut Bliss,
And The Vegan Voice.

Now once day, in August (starting on the 26th)
We all can come together, and have a tasty vegan brunch.
You’ll get a “swag bag of wonder,”
And learn how to build a better blog!

Don’t forget the gala-rama,
Plus vegan fashion too.

I’ve heard that they will have Kittee,
Isa and Terry,
Urban House Wife,
And Nom, Nom, Nom. Just to name a few.

So, lets all come together,
And head to Portland,
For Vida Vegan con!
Vida Vegan Con, Vida Vegan Con,
We all get to hang out,
At the Vida Vegan con!

Bonus rap from Pandacookie:

Toe tappin’
Straight rappin’
‘Bout Vida Vegan
Win a free weekend
I got it
Usin’ my wit
To get
A visit with Ms. Scone.
Date ballin’
yes y’allin’
Get in the Portland zone.


This event is sold out, we’ve been working so hard to impress you guys, and we want everyone to be able to go! Commence dramatic decision making.

The line up! The bloggers! Portland!!!!!


  1. OMG! These are all amazing! Jewbacca’s is crazy fun, and that Cadry’s Kitchen song was adorable. Y’all are gonna have a hard time deciding. I CAN’T WAIT FOR VIDA VEGAN CON!!!! 🙂

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