You’re going to Vida Vegan Con!

After a tough day of decision-making, the answer was clear. I seriously loved them all, and changed my mind a few times – they are all my favorites and were all SO impressive! Check out the full line of up contenders here.

Without further adieu, the winner of the full weekend registration ticket ($250 value, plus the official vegan SWAG bag) to Vida Vegan Con is the songstress below:

Jessica Rose Western, you’ve been added to the admissions roster and will be receiving a confirmation email within the next few days. Pack your bags, book your flight, peruse our website, throw in something cute for the Saturday night Galarama & Silent Auction and tell me your favorite donut, missy!

A big thank you so freaking much to all the creative contributions. If you didn’t win, you still have 2 more giveaways coming your way from the conference organizers, the next being Michele’s “No-Talent Vida Vegan Con Contest” where she requests you make your own edible self-portrait. Do it! I may not be able to resist.

This image is from the blog Dog Show Poop via a google image search. No joke.


  1. this is so cute… congrats to you, lucky lady! i am really hoping that the next contest is something i can tackle (aka not art or music)… aloha from oahu! andrea

  2. Great choice! Jessica has a beautiful voice and a catchy song. This was such a fun contest. I loved seeing the variety and creativity in the entries. Have a great time, Jessica!!!

  3. YAY!!!! I want to thank Jess, Janessa, & Michele for putting an AMAZING thing together. I cannot WAIT, I feel so special, and I think ALL the video submissions were pretty spectacular, it was a nail biter, for sure. Thank you. And see you in AUGUST! xo P.S. As far as the doughnut goes, I’m hot for anything fruity, anything glazed, anything cream-filled. VIDA VEGAN CON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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