Red Curry and Vermicelli, inspired by In The Bowl Noodle Bistro in Seattle

Red Curry Tofu with Vermicelli Noodles and Roasted Asparagus with coarse Bali Coconut Lime salt

Even when I’m alone, I am obsessed with plating style. Frankly, even more so when I’m alone. The style above was inspired by a casual but unforgettable Angel Curry special I ordered at In The Bowl in Seattle a couple of years back. I haven’t returned since, but I see no way around this on my next venture north. It’s time to forget Highline and skip a buffet at Araya – I miss that curry and want to see if my fond memory can merge with reality.

The recipe for this red curry comes from Appetite for Reduction and features lots of tofu cubes and Thai basil. The vegetables I used were zucchini, broccoli raab, carrots and cremini mushrooms. Speaking of healthy living and eating, photographing one’s food is still fairly odd to me (all these years later, despite it being so automatic) but healthy minded, in my opinion. It always reminds me to stick to my set portions and up the greens. Now, photographing your food in restaurants – well, that’s another story and a rant for another time. Seriously.


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